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  1. Nice! That could work really well with some of the customisable digital watch faces!
  2. Ahhh I had read that somewhere! Ask and ye shall receive! he broke the blade side guard while processing a goat I think, hence the half in-half out design of the sheath. It should look like this: https://pin.it/rCCrmKz
  3. That’d do it! Thanks for the idea chuck. Is that a bone button? very nice!
  4. Cheers. Yeah that was the primary goal - as long as it works! everything else was simply an excuse to give it a shot!
  5. A mate had been storing this knife in an old sock on hunting trips, so I figured I’d have a go at making a sheath. Lots of firsts in here for me, first knife sheath, first attempt at tooling pattern, first wet forming, first dying of a project, and first stitching using an awl (not punching all the way through with a stitching iron). I used a combination of Chartermade’s sheath design video tutorial, and Ian Atkinson’s sheath videos. Chartermade - https://youtu.be/hLehJ_dF2Zk Ian Atkinson vids - https://youtu.be/ke7QKV3QzxY https://youtu.be/jkMSlgR-Yks I had hoped that the wet forming would secure the knife a bit better than it has, but I think if I did it again I’d include a strap to lock it in. I might still make a frog to wrap around it and better secure it when it’s not strapped to his belt. The other alternative is a simple loop to sit in the belt loop and clip the handle in, however that would be a stand alone small strap and likely to get lost. If anyone has another suggestion on a seperate piece that can be made given the sheath is complete to secure it during transport I’m all ears.
  6. I know! I know! Just trying to explore something a little different! Thank you for the reply. That’s useful market research!
  7. Thanks for the feedback mate! I think it’s boiling down to that. I just need to experiment with colours and maybe a little bigger. cheers!
  8. Hi all, I’m curious to know if there’s much of an established market/style for minimalist wallets or cardholders for women? most of the products I’ve seen from leather workers, especially on Instagram, are fairly “masculine”. Even then I’m not entirely sure what about them makes them seem masculine, or what would define a feminine one. curious for your thoughts and ideas. cheers M
  9. Cheers Jim, yes I was actually planning on doing exactly that at the Aussie Leather Crafters Gathering in March before they had to cancel it! Any others you’d recommend?
  10. Hi all, Posted this in 'Critique my work' before realising that it might be better suited here. Not sure if there's a difference between braiding/plaiting or whether it's just a regional difference. Full album: https://imgur.com/a/Wmh78QF Followed Ron Edwards' book (https://www.birdsall-leather.com.au/PREBSPBw/Stockmans-Plaited-Belts/pd.php) and the instructions for a 'Flat 10 Strand', using Maroon 4.7 mm Kangaroo lace. Overall pretty happy with it, but hoping there may be someone here with some experience or tips, as there isn't much out there. Challenges: Really struggled for consistency when bending the lace back into the plait on the edges - sometimes it would 'curve' or bend nicely, other times it would kink and there'd be no fixing it as the roo lace is so thin. You need to maintain tension to get a tight weave, but again because of the thin lace this creates tension creasing. Things to improve next time: I used Golden Mink oil to re-hydrate the finished product, but I think next time I'll use the oil on the individual strands before plaiting to encourage a smoother/less creased result. The belt ended up being 3 cm wide, so too feminine to use for myself, but my wife seems to like it! I assume I need to either up the strand count or use a heavier lace for a wider more masculine belt. I'll go for the two ring style, rather than the buckle next time. Keen for feedback and tips!
  11. G’day! :) cheers for the suggestions - no air brush, but will try the two colour approach.
  12. Yeah that was one of the methods I was planning to test. That or a micro fibre cloth. i feel like this is going to be my white whale for a while... thanks for the reply!
  13. Hi all, I'm relatively new to the world of leathercraft, but I'm brand new to dying techniques, so appreciate any help I can get! I'm curious how I could get an effect similar to this image. At the moment I'm thinking a tan base coat, possibly followed by using a water sprayer with black at some distance to just let fine dots land on the piece. I'm experiment this weekend, but if there's any inside tips it'd be amazing and appreciated! Thanks!
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