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  1. a bit more info about leather sheets - grain and flesh side - hope it helps
  2. ok, guys, RSPCA, all neighbors, and insurer already informed. any other special requirements in this covid time? )
  3. hello! sorry to coming with my Q, but looks like it is a bit similar. Just got a few shits of leather - please see pict - and during transportation or storage leather paint got - I even do not know how to describe it - leather paint's crack? paint marks? from one side it is giving a bit of charm, but... anyway, does anyone can give some advice for a newbie - how to fix or even completely remove it? leather conditioner? balm? paint restorer? any other chemical? iron? regards
  4. Hello! Can any of the masters explain for a newbie, please - how to stitch a tubular/round handle on the sewing machine? Around 1mm leather with a 10mm cord inside. Walking foot machine. I understand it in theory, have watched lots of videos with hand stitching, but no one using a machine for it - is it for a reason? Estetique or some technical limitations? It's because of a special foot or some other equipment needed? A foot for an edge stitching would be fine for it or installing a full set "piping foot + feed dog" the only real solution for a proper result? Any other recommendations or tricks for it will be highly appreciated.
  5. This leather was proposed to used for a holster flap. And probably for another kind of flaps as well (i.e. bags, cases, etc., ). Maybe it is a bit thicker than necessary, but I was hoping I'll be able to soften it and it will be OK. 2battlemunky - on the raw edge, the soft leather looks very similar to the hard one - how you can see that it is a chrome tanned leather? Just because of softness? Means I never ever will get 5mm veg leather such a soft/flexy?
  6. Мaybe you're right, tsunkasapa I'm just confused by the color of the raw edge - does it look like veg? Or am I wrong and is it real chrome leather, just thick?
  7. OK, just to be sure - here is a photo of two leather with approximately the same thickness. the softness is very different. do they bend differently due to dryness? Neatsfoot Oil - is a solution?
  8. fredk, many thanks for your reply. the skin is tough because it is thick, I wouldn't call it "dry". anyway, I will try your way. BTW - on which side I have to use oil - from glossy shiny or matt bottom?
  9. Hello! Can you please give advice for a novice - how to make a 5mm veg tan leather softer? I mean not the surface, but the skin itself? How to make it less dense, more pliable, so that it bends easier. Seen a lot of advice on youtube, but... looks like all videos about a surface, not about a leather structure. Can anyone here help me?
  10. I remember it is why I'm here and coming to pro guys with newbie questions, just to prevent long crying ) Juki and their clones AFAIK have a jog dial for length regs and reverse pedal. Regarding one machine for everything - you right, different tools for different jobs, but... nowadays who knows what will customer look for tomorrow? Especially if I'm choosing my first machine for leather. Anyway, I booked a visit to my local dealer already, just trying to narrow and finally find the name of my dream ) Can anyone help me to recognize this model of Juki?
  11. Just now has spoken to my local dealer - for my requirements he suggested Global 9205. Heavyweight machine, will it work with thin leather?
  12. Matt, thanks for a great idea regarding Thor dealers - I'll definitely mail them Bert, Adler 105 as well as Pfaff 335, etc. - great machines, but.. they all with 6mm stitch length... it is at the end of my list. Pfaff 335, Juki 1341, Adler 105 - I know they all with 6mm stitches, but some of their clones (like THOR GC1341) coming with some modification/improvements. So, on the current stage, I'm looking for such clones with stitches longer than 6mm, preferably in the UK or EU.
  13. Juki 1341 is a reputable machine but has a 6mm stitch length only. I found one 341 clone - THOR GC1341 with 9mm stitch length, but it is a quite rare machine in the UK. I would prefer some European makes due to post-sale service availability and delivery price as well. Regarding the arm length - I'm sure that normal1341style arm would cover all our needs. Regarding threads size - from one side we do not need heavy threads as we no planning to work with heavy stuff (saddles etc.) but... big threads like 277 looking so cool in some decorative cases... so, it is hard to decide... in any case my first choice will be with a long stitch machine, not a thread size. And the feeding system should be able to wok with thin/gentle and hard materials as well. In this case, it looks like we need 2 feed sets - for the soft stuff and leather plus another one for strong fabric materials (straps, canvas, etc.). Or we can use the same, special extra-wide-using one?
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