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  1. Thanks everyone for the tips, I'll give them a try.
  2. Need help from experienced holster makers. If this has been covered before, sorry I couldn't find it, I might have looked over it. How do you put the retention in the trigger area and ejection port without getting that burnished look and the ''smashed'' look, I can't seem to get the crisp "neat" look. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I used herman oak leather. I stained it first, then wet formed it. I used the round end of my burnhing stick, I've tried the bone folders, and several different pear shaders and nothing seams to work for me. Everything I've tried also puts rubbed marks on the leather, how do I keep it from doing that. I've watched several guys on youtube used vacuum pumps and bags to wet form and that's how I did this one, but still get rub marks through the plastic. Thanks.
  3. Simple Jack, I bought them from Springfield leather.
  4. I made this notebook cover for my local cattle farmer I deal with. He had worn out one from a maker from somewhere out west from years ago, he was very happy to get another one. The lighting was different when I took the second photo but the first one is the correct color of stain.
  5. Thanks guys for the responses and concerns. I took those photos before I actually carried it. I think my leather is thick enough to prevent the leatherman from twisting and touching the phone but I actually do carry it with the phone turned backwards just to be on the safe side. It's been really fun getting all the comments from people in stores and places seeing it.
  6. Thanks Aven, I grew up outside of Christiansburg in a little community called Elliott. I sure remember those days at family get togethers at granddad's running around with cousins playing army or cowboys and indians. Since I made this holster, we've been blessed with our first grandbaby. Can't wait to start making him things.
  7. Akers

    First Kindle cover

    Fredk, his cb handle was "Paladin", so he wanted a knights head.
  8. Made this cover for a retired (UPS) coworker. It was my first one, not perfect but he was very happy with it. Learned things to do different next time.
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