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  1. Akers

    Chessboard/checkboard Idea

    I use 5-6 oz leather that is pretty soft. When I unroll it, I roll it the opposite direction then back again and it lays flat. I'm not sure about using heavier or stiffer leather. Mark
  2. Akers

    Chessboard/checkboard Idea

    My girls do but I don't. Lol
  3. Akers

    Chessboard/checkboard Idea

    Looks very good Chuck, thanks for showing! Forgot, I really like the atlers for checkers.
  4. Akers

    New to forum.

    Thanks, Tugadude, Awlshucks
  5. Akers

    New to forum.

    Oxbo, this is the only other photo that I took. Hope to get better at the photography, lol.
  6. Thanks, I'm still a rookie, I need to learn how to make my beveling look good so it'll make my objects stand out more. When friends ask me to make something, my confidence isn't high enough yet to try it on theirs.
  7. Here's another notebook I made for a Co worker.
  8. Here's a notebook I made for a Co worker. I'll post again with the second one, it won't let me post both together.
  9. Akers

    Chessboard/checkboard Idea

    Thanks Chuck, hang in there you'll get it.I'm pretty new at leather work, I started last July. I timmed my self on this last one, it took me just over 10 hours from start to finish. Making the checkers and stiching is what took me so long. Lol. The checkers is two 5 to 6 oz pieces glued together.
  10. Good job, looks great!