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  1. Thanks everyone. Hasbeenciwboy, I don't think so, I'll have to ask. The dog loves to retrieve anything you throw, especially tennis balls.
  2. Thanks tsunkasapa. My daughter started raising and selling golden retrievers, she uses it a lot.
  3. Thanks Hardrada, I wish I had smoothed out my beveling around the head a little more. I thought I had it faded out good until I stained it, then my mistakes showed up. Lol. Oh well, at least it wasn't for a paying customer. Lol
  4. First attempt at carving a dog. My daughter was happy with it. Back to more practicing.
  5. I have a friend that plays in a bluegrass band. I was trying to think of something to make for him, this popped into mind. He was really thrilled with it.
  6. Bert03241, I completely agree!!! Lol I'm surprised no one picked up on that sooner. This was the first one I made (made for one of my son in laws). I had finished it including sealing it and posting it here, before I realized I hadn't sewn the edges! Oh well, practice makes perfect. If it comes apart on him, I'll make him another one.
  7. Thanks Rahere, I realize now I worded that question wrong. I already tried clicking on his name but can't find his photos. When on someone's bio, where do you find there pics?
  8. Hi, hags, I know this is probably going to make me look my age, (computer illiterate) but I can't figure out how to find your bio? I'd like to see some of your work. Thx
  9. Thanks, Hags. It seems from all the advice I've gotten, I just got in to big a hurry molding it, seems I need to mold it slower as it dries more. I think I molded this one too much when it was too wet.
  10. Thanks guys for all the help, really appreciate it.
  11. Scootch, I used 5-6 oz herman oak Frodo, thanks.
  12. Thanks everyone for the tips, I'll give them a try.
  13. Need help from experienced holster makers. If this has been covered before, sorry I couldn't find it, I might have looked over it. How do you put the retention in the trigger area and ejection port without getting that burnished look and the ''smashed'' look, I can't seem to get the crisp "neat" look. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I used herman oak leather. I stained it first, then wet formed it. I used the round end of my burnhing stick, I've tried the bone folders, and several different pear shaders and nothing seams to work for me. Everything I've tried also puts rubbed marks on the leather, how do I keep it from doing that. I've watched several guys on youtube used vacuum pumps and bags to wet form and that's how I did this one, but still get rub marks through the plastic. Thanks.
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