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  1. Just pulled an old wallets (10 year old) out of the draw and when I opened it there was a white powdery deposit on the surfaces. I managed to clean it all off using some car leather upholstery cleaner, but just wondered what caused the white deposit. (it was dry stored in the house)
  2. Did you ever sit down and do the plans etc KWAK
  3. That looks great. I personally would buy one if they were available commercially.
  4. Thank you folks for all your help. I have ordered some of the leather lace fredk recomended
  5. Thanks Zuludog. You came up with the same results I did. I was hoping our American cousins might have been able to throw some light on it. I was hoping to get a red thread to contrast with the black.
  6. Hi folks. I am working on the project and the instruction refer to “Lacing Twine” try as a might I cannot find any of the regular suppliers here in UK listing it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys Can anyone tell me if the Tandy 4 in 1 hole punch is a 4 to the inch tool All the info I can find refers to 3/32 or 2mm hole. TIA
  8. I look forward to seeing the finished article
  9. Hi Guys and Gals Is there anyway to date a a C.S.Osborne round knife ? mine is stamped HarrisonNJ.
  10. Sorry. It was to make a Dragons Tail Whip
  11. Hi Guys Is there anywhere in the UK that would sell a piece of 3 - 5oz veg tan leather approx 48" X 10" Thanks
  12. Not sure if this is the right place but here goes anyway. Does anyone know where I can buy a piece of 3-5oz veg tan leather approx 48" X 8" I do not want to buy a whole hide. O h and I am in the UK
  13. You are not wrong Hardrada
  14. Well No1 essential item when sharpening tools is a First Aid Kit. I was polishing out some marks on my round knife and yes you guessed it, I-managed to slice the back of my index finger. Dont ask how cause I do not know what happened but glad I had first aid kit to hand.
  15. Has anyone a template for a fencing wire plier holder they are prepared to share. I tried to get a Weaver holder here in the UK but at present no one has them, so I thought I would make my own. TIA
  16. Hi Rahere Do you have a photo of yours ? Thanks Tony
  17. Hi I am looking for a leather worker here in the UK who would be prepared to make 2 Scythe blade cover to my own design. It would involve quite a bit of stitching and by the very nature of it being a sharp blade, it will require some pretty heavy leather. If you think you might be interested please drop me a PM.
  18. Yep instead of going on foreign holidays, when I retired, I bought a field LOL I think they do, but I am not a farmer just someone who likes a little bit of paradise while it still exists. I have a 9 mile drive each way to get there but when I close and lock the gate behind me I am in a different world. What part of Kent are you ? I was born in Wrotham Heath
  19. No toxo. I grew up on farms and have a liking for all the vintage stuff. I am fortunate in having somewhere I can enjoy my love of the traditional methods. I always leave a margin around the field for wildlife, and the bracken is kept under control with a scythe.
  20. Hi Grumpyman Yeah I have made a template out of poster board and I am thinking a double row of stitching along the front of the blade. I cannot decide on whether to add a spacer piece to build up thickness at the rear and have it slide on like a sleeve or have the back open and secure with straps and snaps
  21. Hey toxo Yeah if you had seen the artwork on my HD done by a guy in Kent you would understand LOL I still have my leather with "The Ferryman" on it. I only where the cloak on special occasions, but you will need 2 Obols to cross the river.
  22. Hi Here is a photo of the blade.
  23. Hi Guys Does anyone have experience of making a sheath for Austrian Scythe Blades ? Any help greatly appreciated.
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