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  1. I'm pretty sure that chrome tan and deertan are pretty differant. You just had your first lesson on the tarbaby effect. (no racial intent please) You first realized you messed up pretty soon. Should of stopped there if this was new for you. Tacky can be from humidity. and top coat. Have to be carefull and let it dry forever.
  2. Molding veg tan leather can be fun and give you a good look
  3. I had the idea maybe 30 years ago to make a supported tool belt. By the time I finished I had straps going everywhere. The thing was so heavy it defeated it'ds own purpose. But go for it. Keep in mind what it does in a sitting position, leaning way over, and turning.
  4. Most any tannery in the U.S. can produce blackened leather in any type of tanning. What type of product? That has to be known to get the right leather.
  5. I would say I will be sewing about 1" thick max maybe even 0.75" layers. The Pfaff looks good the head alone is 650 . The Consew is 650 complete. Im leaning towards the Consew because I keep hearing parts are easier to find . The Pfaff is an old one its a metal body
  6. I had the original patcher that was over a 100 years old back then. I was told it was a sail patcher, used by the Chinese to repair junk sails. Had several of those Chinese dragon decals they like so much on it. I used it when making cases to help mate the bodies. Like the Mason Shriner Fez hat case I show below. I used a 5-inch wide piece to henge the top and to mate the body. That machine's long narrow throat same me many hours from hand stitching.
  7. Sorry, not your subject. But Mr. Dikman may I ask you if your shoe patcher has a walking foot that turns in 360 degrees and has about a 17-inch throat?
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