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  1. Has anyone performed the "smooth speed control" modification, similar to the one performed on an Enduro Pro servo motor in the DIY video by SWFL Holsters, on a Reliable 6000SM servo motor? I am contemplating purchasing the Reliable motor and would like to know if it is modifiable similar to the method used for the Enduro Pro servo motor. Thank You, Roger
  2. Thank You for the part numbers and information regarding ordering parts directly from Durkopp Addler/Pfaff
  3. I'm assuming the tension screws you are referring to are the two screws that attached the tension spring to the bobbin cap,is that correct? Did you ever find the correct bobbin cap tension spring screws for your Adler 67? I am having a similar problem, except that the screws I keep getting are the larger screws for the 167 bobbin cap.
  4. I have purchased screws that hold the spring on the bobbin cap twice from 2 different vendors and both have been the incorrect screws. The screws I keep receiving are for the 167 bobbin cap which are a larger diameter than the screws for the 67 bobbin cap. The parts numbers below are for the screws I have received thus far: 992 019 148 Tension Spring Fixing Screw (this is a part for the 167 machine) 992 019 157 Tension Spring Adjustment Screw (this is a part for the 167 machine) 992 023 510 Tension Spring Adjustment Screw (this was supposed to be a part for the 67 machine) 992 023 500 Tension Spring Fixing Screw (this was supposed to be a part for the 67 machine) The screws I have received for the part numbers above all appear to be the same size. They are clearly the same size as the screws for the 167 machine. These screws have a larger diameter than the screws for the bobbin cap used in the 67 machine. In your parts book for the Adler 67, what are the part numbers for the Tension Spring Adjustment and Tension Spring Fixing screws? Thank You, Roger
  5. Michiel, I have contacted the 6 companies that are listed by Durkopp Adler as their representatives in the U.S. per the web address provided by Constabulary in the first response to my original inquiry. I've contacted each of them; one of them is no longer in business, DAP America, Inc. has no one on their staff with any knowledge of the older machines, I left a message with 2 companies on their answering machines, one does not answer their phone or have an answering machine and the final one doesn't know much about the older machine but at least was willing to try to determine if they can get the parts. I don't have much hope! From whom do you buy parts for your Adler 67 machine?
  6. I don't do long runs of work, therefore I will forget about the larger bobbin modification. Now, I just need to find the two small screws to attach the spring to the smaller 67 bobbin cap. As I stated in an previous reply, the tension spring for the 167 appears to be the same one that is used for the 67, except for the screws, is that correct? The screws for the 67 bobbin cap are definitely smaller than the screws for the 167 bobbin cap. Again, thank you for your help! Roger
  7. I appreciate your explanation of the difference between the Adler models 167 and 67. It appears the spring on the 167 bobbin cap is the same size as the one for the 67 bobbin cap, however I will need to get the smaller screws for the 67 cap to attach the spring. If the only difference between the 167 and the 67 is the size bobbin that the machine uses, then are the two bobbin assemblies interchangeable? In other words, will the larger bobbin assembly of the 167 machine fit into the 67 machine? Thank You, Roger
  8. The cap that came with the machine is smaller, 24.5 mm O.D., than the cap that I just purchased which is 28.5 mm O.D. Based on the statement above in regard to the difference between the two machines being the size of the bobbin, the machine I have has an identification plate indicating it is an Adler Model 167, therefore, the Adler 167 uses the smaller bobbin while the Adler 67 uses the larger bobbin. Is that correct? Thank You, Roger
  9. Does the Chandler-Adler machine use 2 different size bobbins cases? I was given a Chandler - Adler 167 machine, however it was missing the "tension spring" on the bobbin cap and the 2 small screws that attach the spring to the bobbin cap. The solution seemed easy enough, buy a tension spring and the two small screws. I found a parts book online and identified the parts and part numbers that I would need. I found the parts on line from a company in Europe. After exactly one month, the tension spring and 2 small screws arrived. Problem solved! Actually, only part of the problem was solved, maybe. While the tension spring appeared to be the correct size (the attachment screw holes lined up) but the diameter of the screws was too large. While I was waiting for the tension spring and screws to arrive (I was getting impatient) I ordered a bobbin cap complete with the tension spring and screws as a back up. The new bobbin cap arrived with the tension spring attached with the 2 screws. However, when I attempted to install the new cap (28.5 mm O.D.), although it looked the same, it was larger than the cap that came with the machine (24.5 mm O.D.) (but was missing the tension spring and 2 screws). I checked to determine if the screws and tension spring from the new cap would fit in the old cap, but the screws were again a larger diameter, the same as the ones I ordered and received from the European source. I measured the threaded portion of the screws I received that were to large of a diameter. The threaded portion measured approximately 2.4 mm in diameter. Does the Chandler - Adler 167 machine use 2 different size bobbin assemblies? Is there a good source for these small screws, other parts and technical advice in the U.S. for the Chandler - Adler machines? Thank You, Roger
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