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  1. Can’t wait to see your work! I’m really glad you’re here!
  2. JBW1

    New to forum

    I really like the clasps you used on those pouches! My favorite it’s the one in the upper right corner! That would be great for carrying around edc gear, and not look like a fanny pack, haha!
  3. would love to see custom gloves! Never thought of that!
  4. JBW1

    New guy from NM

    Made this little knife for my 11 year old daughter out of a file. Came out ok. Tried some freehand with the cursive E. I need more practice dying, stamping, and planning out the design. The veiner pattern didn’t end up lining up at the back, so I improvised a makeshift flower haha. And now that I took the picture, I noticed one of the pedals needs a touch up with dye. I was more patient with casing and did notice a better definition. Thanks for the advice everyone. I Still should have waited longer tho. Thanks for looking!!
  5. Hope the OP found what they were looking for. Wish they would post what the solution was .
  6. Such a great pattern! This will be going into my future projects folder, my 2 kids shoot archery, they actually have a tournament this Saturday! This would be so cool to have them walk in with some custom work!!
  7. Thank you for attaching the PDF!
  8. JBW1

    New guy from NM

    The good thing with using makeshift tools, is that when I get proper pieces, I will definitely appreciate them .
  9. JBW1

    New guy from NM

    Thank you very much, Terry! I actually work in Abq, but live in Tijeras. Nice to meet you neighbor! Thank you for the offer on help, I will definitely be in touch!
  10. JBW1

    New guy from NM

    Thank you for the info! I’m not as much as meticulous, but I get going, thinking I have everything planned out, then find I don’t know what I’m doing, and spend the next hour watching you tube tutorials, haha
  11. I love Leatherman MT’s. I wish the photos were still available.
  12. What???! I didn’t even know that was possible! Awesome !!
  13. JBW1

    New guy from NM

    Ahhh, so it’s not really a normal stamping process. Thanks for the advice! Also, how often should I re-wet this thinner leather? Once it’s cased the first time, is it good to go throughout the session? What if I need to stop for a few hrs? Or even the next day?
  14. JBW1

    New guy from NM

    Yes definitely a welt. I died it a lighter brown to stand out a bit. The holes I started out with were toooo big, I bought one of those interchangeable hole stamp things from my local Tandy, thinking it would be what I needed. I quickly learned that even the smallest bit made huge holes, especially stamping through more than one layer. I didn’t like the sinew color on this particular project. Ended up marking my grove with my kids school compass, marked the holes with a modified fork and drilled the holes out. I’m compiling a list of tools that I need as I go along. So Groover and correct hole punches are the next purchases. Thank you for the comment!
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