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  1. Could I ask what leather you used? Thanks. Joe
  2. pruettjr

    Palmgren AP-10 press

    Thanks Tom...I can’t seem to find that sweet spot but will keep trying...joe
  3. pruettjr

    Palmgren AP-10 press

    Thanks for responding. Haven’t really done anything special. I added set screw to ram and filed off two teeth. Removed wheel and added collar to left side press. Added longer handle. Is there supposed to be a spring like plate behind the ram face plate. The manual doesn’t show one. Thanks for your help...Joe
  4. This is my first post and hope I’m doing it right. I removed the 2 teeth from the ram like a lot of YouTube videos suggest. The issue I have is the ram wobbles like crazy. The ram action is not smooth at all. Could removing the 2 teeth on this press be harmful? If so where can I get a good replacement ram? Thanks for your help...Joe