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  1. Very fine work indeed, be proud. Gorgeous knife too, by the way. That is Damascus steel, formed by layering two or more types of steel and forge welding them together to form a billet which can then be forged into a blade. I am a noob here, leatherworking is something which interests me though. Have been blacksmithing for years and wish to get into making my own knife sheaths. If you are in Tucson and are interested in banging on some metal check out the ABANA group there, azblacksmiths dot org. Cheers, Dan.
  2. Hello all. Interested in learning some leatherworking skills, primarily knife sheaths. Have been blacksmithing since 2001 as a hobby. It's been a year since I have been able to do any forging since the entire contents of my shop went into a storage unit last winter. Last Valentine's Day, that night, was walking along the side of the road near home, the road which connects with my street. I was hit by a car from behind, the driver fled the scene and left me lying on the shoulder of the road with a fractured skull. He was caught though. Two state troopers were there on scene as the paramedics worked on me on the roadside. They noticed him sitting there in his car a bit up the road so checked him out. Drunk. He failed all the field sobriety checks and went to the trooper's barracks in the back of their car where his B.A.C. registered 0.19. I went to the hospital in an ambulance. Spent a month in a coma and altogether five months in the hospital until July. Our hero had his sentencing in January. He went to jail for a year. I am still in physical therapy twice a week. I have improved quite a bit physically but have significant hearing impairment with tinnitus from auditory nerve damage due to the skull fracture, massive brain bleed and brain swelling. I'm lucky I'm not dead. Anyway, looking forward to putting a new shop together and getting going with my blacksmithing again. Have made a few knives over the years but looking to expand my bladesmithing and with that, learning some leathercraft to go along with it. Cheers, Dan.
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