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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to leatherworking, a few months ago I followed a 4 days leaherworking course to get the hang of everything and I finally had some time to start my very first projects, like all starting hobbies, a lot of mistakes were made and lessons were learned but I have so much fun that I can't wait to start on a new project. The first bag I made at the 4 day course was a supposed to be with floral sheridan style tooling but that's not exactly my cup to tea so with permission from the instructor I made a drawing myself to add as tooling on the front of the bag. After finishing this one I recreated a little coin purse for medieval fairs with some alterations on it, it now functions as a treat bag for my cat Gimli and has his name tooled on in dwarf runes. The thread is now changed to a leather lace also. And the last one that I finished last week, I had bought the pattern a few months ago already, though I did change a few things there, it turned out quite all right for a first try. The gore on this bag and the little coin purse above was made of a recycled jacket that my dad didn't wear anymore and no stores nearby sell suede so I had to get creative with the goods I had laying around at home. Should anyone have more tips or advice feel free to post them, I'm always happy to learn more about it.
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