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  1. Thanks lobo and chiefjason! Certainly some things to think about. Didn't really think about the tax angle. I'm not yet really at the volume to require to much but I certainly would rather break a dummy than a real one. For the cost it's definitely one less headache.
  2. Thank you Dwight. Do you have any problems with them breaking or wearing any detail off? I read an article on kydex holsters and someone mentioned those as cons with blue guns. I know it's a different molding process, just curious if you've experienced anything like that.
  3. I would think a 6-7 oz with a liner would work. I'm getting started in making slings myself. The prototype I made was, I think, 4-5 oz and far to light to use reliably.
  4. I have been fortunate enough to use the actual weapon when making a holster. Now I may have to consider "dummy" guns. It seems that blue guns, red guns or multi molds are the top ones. Which do you prefer/use and why? Thanks in advance!!
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