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  1. 2 packs of 10 new neeldes size 7 for Junker & ruh SD28. Sold my machine so needles a no longer needed. If i can help anyone out with these let me know. not a trader, fair price
  2. Hey there, for sale are two completely cleaned singer leather sewing machines. Both have been taken apart and have been cleaned and put together again. Internal parts also cleaned like new. Both have the original base, cast iron for the 29K and a huge cast iron frame with oak top for the 45K. Also a lot of extra parts available. Don't need the jackpot, just would like the money i have put in back. So 450,- for both machines and ik would be good to go. Location: the neatherlands please PM for details or pictures
  3. hi guys, just wanted to let you know if you are looking for frobana 761 needles, they are available in size 4 and 5 in the netherlands. if you need translation help send me an PM. link provided https://www.schinsleder.nl/aflapnaald-761-fb.html
  4. hi mokerson, Thank you for your opinion! it is valued. But since you can tell me blanchard might be lacking, can you also point some out that would be good indeed? thank you!!
  5. hi, I was wondering if there are any connaisseurs here that might be able to tell me where to buy good quality leatherworking tools of european manufacuring? I know about vergez blanchard and doldokki. I was looking in to Barry king, seems realy nice to me but import duties will be off the scale and i do not wish to pay twice. I don't mind paying for quality though. Are there any european tool makers i am missing? I also have seen palosanto but again, to far and import difficulties. If anyone could help me out with tips or tool makers, please let me know. If there has been a topic about european tools makers i have missed it, please tell me where to find it and i'll go there. Thank you all in advance, regards, niles
  6. i will leave the body in tact, but the shaft was bent, so i had to take it out and i need to order a new one.....
  7. Okay, i will be smart about it and not separate them! i thought it would be easy after removing the bolts but i guess not.
  8. hello, Me and my questions again. I have taken apart a 29K71 and was able to get the 4 bolts out the keep the body on the foot (or i thought so...) But i also see 2 pins with i can not reach because they are supposed to come out by hitting them from the top (which is through the topside and down under where the shaft would be..... which is way too long to reach. Also i was wondering if there is any soldering? or are these two pen the last thing holding it together? If anyone has any experience with this, or could tell me from that experience to just leave it...? thank you!!! regards, Niles
  9. nice! i already did but great to get confirmation. it is my first 45k so learning by doing is the motto here. I have several other parts i do not know how to used though. (2 different bobbins, several attachment plate for next to the foot..... and i am missing the presser roller? are they still available somewhere?
  10. hi guys, another question. If you looks at the picture you see a small hook from the (82525) thread controlling lever spring. It looks to me like it is supposed to hooks over the (82551) thread controlling lever? when i took the machine apart it was not hooked over but i am pretty sure it is ment to. And if so, do i need to wind it up or just hook it on 'like is'...? thanks!
  11. thank you all for helping me out this quick! really glad this easter morning this way! yes constabulary i would like to have them!! i can give you my adres in PM? thanks also jimi and lumpen, if you do find an original please let me knwo, i am weird like that but original is the best way to go for me ... thank you all again!!
  12. Hi there, I am looking for a small screw, the automatic thread controller screw of a Singer 45 K1. which holds part 91568 in place, looking for the part number now...can not find it yet. If you have one, please help me out. thank you very much
  13. Thank you for your tips! i will try this and if i can do anything to help you out, please let me know.
  14. Hello, After my first great project (a 29K51 which i totally to apart and rebuilt) i got hooked and now i am going for a 45K1. Is anyone here experienced with this machine and can give me some tips on how to go at it? For example, there is a screw in the central axle of the flywheel, can i "help" the wheel off after i take this out or do i need to be carefull? (of course i took the locking screws out ) Thank you very much, any help is much appreciated Niles
  15. yep that is what i found, it is really strong though, so with leather needle this might work just fine for soft leather
  16. do you know which machine this is? 216?
  17. i am looking for an addition on my singer 29K 51 and 71 and my junker & ruh. i also have a 201K. so maybe this fits in between? what would you suggest i get for finer work? like wallets and bags?
  18. thank you for your answer wizcraft!! i will not go for this one. Although i also found a 45K1 , would that be better? regards , niles
  19. thank you for assisting me!
  20. Hi there mates, I was wondering if there is anyone who can help answer my question? I am offered a Singer 96K46 in good working order, is is suitable for leather work and worth anything? thank you very much! regards niles
  21. @cowboybob, thank you , but i have that one, it is a parts list. @ Constabulary, if you could send me pictures that would be great, i don't mind the old german, i'll figure it out (if i can rebuild a 29K51 i think german should be fine you can PM me please, i can give you my email adres.
  22. hey constabulary!! Thank you very much, i was just getting ready to post some pics, i figured it out and then saw your reply. Indeed i was able to push it down and out, worked like a charm. But i see you might have a manual that i do not have, i have been doing all by careful experiments. Mind sharing that manual with me please? thank you PS, german language would not be a problem
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