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  1. Thanks for the kind comments everyone!
  2. Thanks! Fiebing’s light brown dye. The matching belt is the next piece on the agenda.
  3. Here was my first attempt a western style piece with some stamping a bit of tooling. It was made out of some leftover saddle skirting from a past project and lined with 3 oz veg tanned.
  4. Hand stitched and made from veg tanned saddle skirting.
  5. I laid out the inside picket for an older Lenovo laptop. I can now fit two smaller surface books in that pocket! I can also slide a surface book in the magazine pocket on the back for quicker access. Infront of the laptop sleeve there is actually a good amount of space. I can fit my charger, adapters and connectors at the bottom of the front along with my small umbrella. I leave my cell charger and cables in one of the front buckle pockets on the front of the bag for quick access.
  6. Thanks! I spent way too much time trying to plan out the pockets and storage areas! I also put some little slide pocket in behind the bigger pockets on the front for my phone and a notebook.
  7. Thanks Tugadude! 5-6 oz craftsman oak leather from Tandy. The entire side was hand dyed with Fiebings Saddle Tan dye then the finished product was top coated with Resolene. The whole project was hand stitched. Here is a photo of the inside and one during construction. I wanted the entire project to be made out of leather so I did all of the internal pockets and sections out of the 5-6oz and then doubled up the layers on the external panels.
  8. I finished this up about two years ago. It was my first effort to do a large piece like this. I love the way it has broken in and started to patina.
  9. Thanks! It was some old saddle skirting that I finished with Fiebings light brown.
  10. I had some scrap leather left over from another project and thought I would give my first holster a try. I also made my first attempt at a spare magazine pouch with the scraps.
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