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  1. Hey guys, I have a tanned cowhide from an old cow dad used to have. It’s a little stiff at the moment but it in fact is tanned. I’m wanting to make some hair on belts with veg tan backing but don’t know how to get the cow leather supple for belts. Any advise is greatly appreciated! in Jesus, Jonny
  2. Hey everybody! I am looking at getting a swivel knife, as I do leatherwork but have never done any carving. I would mostly be doing things like initials and maybe a cross or something on a belt. Maybe even a few floral things. So my question was is the Tandy easy comfort swivel knife (8002-01) for $16 any good. I can’t really do a big amount of money on one so thought this one would be a good option. I’ve heard both good and bad but wanted to see from you all. Thank you and have a great evening! in Jesus, Jonny
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