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  1. Thanks! I’ve dyed the leather using the eco Flo brand and then painted with acrylic paint. Then put the satin shene over top I have been using regular acrylic craft paint. Someone on here told me a while back that the only difference between the paints is price. But I have been investing in the eco flo brand paints since then
  2. @Northmount no I haven’t yet. Having trouble figuring out where everything is lol
  3. Ok, so I’ve been working leather for a year or so and am still learning a lot. What do you put over top of your leather projects that you paint so that it doesn’t crack? I went to Tandy leather and they just told me to use the satin shene but I don’t think that’s enough. Or maybe I’m not doing enough coats
  4. @Handstitched Thanks!! Slobber straps attach your reins and bIt on a bridle. Very commonly used with a Mecate set up. More commonly seen in the ranch work industry
  5. I’ve been painting a few slobber straps but am unsure of how to finish them? Also, what is the difference between the leather acrylic paints and just normal craft paint? Any help would be appreciated!
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