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  1. oh wow thanks guys for your replies! from the looks of it, it seems to be an item which uses quite a bit of leather! maybe ill try making one next time when im more well-versed hahaha
  2. Does anyone know how that navy inner frame of a pen case is made? is it a wet mold or something?
  3. Hi guys, was considering to get some dies, but understand that an arbor press or some clicker would be required. Has anyone had experience of using a die without any sort of machinery? E.g. maybe just using brute force or something? Otherwise i guess ill stick to hand-cutting my leather hahaha :/
  4. thanks for the reply! went to check them out but damn shipping costs to where im at is $50+ wow! :/ what a shame hahah
  5. Hi guys, am currently learning to make leather wallets, and was thinking of a fabric to use for the interior as backing for card slots. Could someone recommend a fabric that is durable, yet as slim as possible so that it would not add to the thickness of the wallet. I read about polyester/nylon, and was wondering if there is a specific type that could be suitable. Would appreciate if a link or shop could be provided as well to order online! Thanks in advance!
  6. Has anyone used either leather from Shinki (NOT the Cordovan range but their other regular horse hides), or Tochigi? Tried to google about them but most results i got only shows the end product, and it seems that information is scarce about working with them or how they compare to each other or to the more common leathers like Buttero, Pueblo, etc. Thanks in advance! :)
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