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  1. Got the walking bar moving as it should but only can get 7 SPI using a piece of cardboard and measuring. The number wheel is all out of whack, bottoms out at 14 but is to be at max stitch length. Also maybe timing still off as 138 thread is not working/catching the 135X17 #22 Needle. And feed dog keeps coming loose cause of the two little screws Below, + my feed dog plate is missing the two screws so will have to find where sold. love the new Servo motor though and after cleaning, painting and reassembling The treadle n parts, the Action is smooth.
  2. Can someone reply with the measurement of the vibrating presser foot bar and the lifting presser foot Bar max spread during movement at 3 1/2 or 5 stitches per inch? My bar is still not moving hardly regardless of setting 0 or 25 SPI. I took apart the whole bar and shaft assy and cleaned up parts and can move it by hand back n forth, but tighten the screw in front of the safety clutch On the feed dog/essentric shaft. Should I adjust the Feed essentric or loosen it even though no play? Or just order a new assy including the arm next to it?
  3. Thanks and I just noticed that the presser foot is practically worn out with no serrations left. I’ll order a new set of regular and put back together. Thank you for the link!
  4. New problem noticed after freeing up my hook assembly (topic: 111w155 shaft Locked) and got it back together underneath, noticed the whole needle bar assy is not moving when hand turning the pulley wheel there by no walking of the needle bar or little fwd foot attached to it I.E. no movement rocking. I searched for threads/topics of problems in leather sewing machines and found nothing. PDF of the adjusting for the class 152 to 155 aren’t helpful. should I mark spots with my electric scribe and just start pulling apart the left side of machine till I find what’s snapped or happened or wait till someone responds with simple fix? Machine History: I don’t remember operating it in Hanger year-1998 here in LC but wanted it bad and got it via salvage form chit when I was at Grumman which is where this machine got shipped down here in Lake Charles,LA. It came from Bethpage NY I think. I tried for 22 years to preserve it till this such time putting it to use. Probably was used on Luner Module LM (Spider) project I was told by Grumman Manager who transferred down here.
  5. It’s coming back together guys and girls! ordering a motor is next, should I go with, the Tacsew motor? downloaded the pdf on the the instructions and put on a new timing belt ( whew!) what a tight fit of all parts, had to tap using a socket the bearing housing back in after cleaning on a brush wheel the parts.
  6. Knipex is a brand that is available at Sears and I also have a smaller set too. Only was allowed to be in shadowed in tool cabinet at Helicopter company I worked at, no channel lock brand was allowed and Knipex has flat wrench style adjustable jaws.
  7. Got the whole shuttle assembly off by loosening the items on the upper shaft and sliding the shuttle left and it barely cleared the feed dog assy. Sure enough when I gently moved the shuttle with Knipex plyers, I got it to rotate but rough so took it apart and had rust spots. Using aviation small steel brushes on drill motor to clean and get it moving effortlessly! Still marked more spots with electric clean to dry area and sharpie’d but crossing my fingers I get timed machine which I’ll have to get new motor too, maybe a Tacsew model.
  8. Nope CowboyBob, after throwing a bunch of oil, only the Bobbin case with the lock and pad spins. no visual evidence of thread anywhere. I guess ill have to take it apart from below spline and disassemble it all hopefully marking the spots to put it back together the same.
  9. Only when I loosened this screw below the bobbin rack connected to the shaft under. then it moves freely. When screw was tightened it moved about the slop of .100 or less but that’s the natural give. something in the bobbin case is jammed or rusted maybe.
  10. I have been resurrecting a Singer IIIw155 made in 40s from storing it 20 years and I have dropped lube into holes but when I went to turn it I broke the timing belt made of cloth and metal bands and the lower shat with all the lifts and turns the bobbin area is locked up for some reason so I dryed areas and sharpied marked spots to save rotation and wondering should I disassemble the whole shaft and parts to see whats freezing it up?
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