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  1. I made a pair of pants from deer skins that i buck skinned. I fletched the hides by hand and smoked them to a medium brown color. I used a old pair of blue jeans as my pattern. I used slices of deer antler for the button fly. The 2 hides were not large enough to finish the pants, so i bought some cow hide splits to finish the pants legs. I made a shirt from the same (used a old button up shirt as a pattern) cowhide. Both garments were completely hand sewn, that was nearly 20 years ago, that was my first ever garment project.
  2. I just cut the stitching from the pinky side of glove, glued the patch into position, it looks like that will work. Now i can focus on purchasing a cylinder arm for all my sewing needs. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Believe me i had tried gloves from everywhere, they are all too small. The gloves i use are tillman double x, i even asked about getting them custom made from the manufacturer . I would have to purchase 12 dozen @$40 per pair, thats not a option. They must use the same sample hand at every maker, the thumb is located too high up from the cuff. Just like any person who wants to make their purchases count, i want to make an informed choice about a sewing machine that will do multiple tasks, they will do some easier than others but still possible. I joined the site to ask for some advice, knowledge and expertise from others that know more about leather working. I had the thought the other day to have shoe repair do the sewing for me, with the virus right now, no one is open.Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  4. Will a shoe patch machine handle sewing knife sheaths?
  5. My name is Paul, I'm new to the forum.A welder by trade, the work gloves i purchase are too small for my hands, the thumb can't fully open. I make my own leather knife sheaths, smart phone cases and etc. If i make a cut in the glove between the index finger and thumb, adding a piece of leather it gives the range of movement needed. Sewing the glove by hand is very difficult and time consuming. Is it possible to sew the patch with a cylinder arm machine? Is it possible to sew the gloves and knife sheaths with the same machine?
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