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  1. Hey guys, I hope that everyone is doing well during these circumstances. I picked up leatherworking as a hobby about 6 months ago, mainly making holsters and other firearms accessories. Recently, I have been trying to make a lined holster, using two layers of 4/5 oz. leather. The reason for this over my usual 7/8 or 9/10, is I have a small stingray hide I impulse bought a while back that I would like to inlay. My thought process was that two layers of 4/5 Oz. would be stronger with the large window cut out for the inlay. The issue I have run into is, that the inside piece always wrinkles up near the bend when I am trying to make an avenger style holster or similar. With a pancake it is less of an issue, though some wrinkling occurs near the sight tunnel. It gets really ugly when trying to make a flat back pancake haha. The current process I am using to bond the two layers together is to apply barge cement, let it get tacky (about 15 minutes), then press the two pieces together going over it with a smooth piece of wood, then tapping with a hammer. I let it sit for 12-24 hours. Sand, edge, burnish, and stitch where needed. I heavily wet the leather where it is going to be bent. When I go to bend it anywhere though, it always wrinkles up something terrible on me. If anybody has some experience with this, it would be a huge help! Thanks!
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