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  1. 1. So for example when I'm stitching a card holder on my PFAFF 335 H2 sewing machine, The straight edges seem to be fine, but once I get to a corner.. the thread seems to be loose? Hopefully you can see it in the picture attached, however I've tried punching the needle through by hand on the wheel in the corner of the card holder then lifting the lever slightly so the thread locks and rotating it 90 degrees to begin finishing the rest of the card holder... but it still becomes loose, any ideas on how to fix this? 2. Also if for what ever reason I mess up the stitching or the machine messes up the stitching on the project i'm doing and I need to unpick then restitch again, why does the stitching tension change and you can see the (knot) in the middle on one side? I also tried hammering the stitch holes down after i've unpicked the thread to close them however it still does this... Does everyone have this problem? If not what could be a solution? Thanks and any help is appreciated, Dan
  2. Hello, I am just enquiring to see if anyone can help me with finding more suppliers of a certain reinforcement material. As the one I use is sold out constantly? The material is named (Dacon or Dakon), it's 0.1mm thick, self adhesive and polyester based. The link to the material is https://lintonleather.com/product/dacon-0-1mm-self-adhesive-reinforcement/ They said it's 'commonly used in sail and kite repair' However I have honestly searched everywhere and can't find nothing on it? As always any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hello rocky, I just want to say how appreciative I am of you for helping me out, everything you suggest was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.
  4. Hey all, I have a few questions regarding sharpening + skiving on Tysew 801-1 which i believe is just the standard type of skiving machine. When I need to sharpen my blade... I have to physically move the blade back (turning the handle) about 30 times to allow the grinding stone to meet flush with the blade to sharpen it properly. Is this due to the blade? or the grinding stone? Or both? What is everybody else's blade length? from the back to the sharp edge? How do I skive leather to allow a folded edge? Every time I go to skive a 0.5mm thick 10mm skived edge it never folds around perfectly… Around 8mm is skived from the edge to the skive line, and then another 2mm is semi skived which doesn't allow a clean fold and just created a bow like effect (Hope that made sense) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Below are links to videos of each adjustment meaning; #1 - close to presser foot - https://youtube.com/shorts/phBk9DYb8LM #2 - around 20 turns on the bell skiver - https://youtube.com/shorts/IEmzPnfKyWI #3 - 30 turns on the bell skiver - https://youtube.com/shorts/4e0Nm9FggP0 Keep and eye on how far the presser foot is away from the bell knife in each video. Hope this gives more of an indication. As always any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!
  5. He said to me he will be burried with his PFAFF 335 (not a joke either) so yeah i felt in good hands.
  6. Sorry for the late reply suzelle. Truth is I took it to this really reputable sewing machine servicer and he was gobsmacked at just how much of a bad shape the machine was. Long story short he helped massively and done it all 'for free too' super pleased about that. It's working lovely at the moment, I'm just waiting on my feet to come!
  7. Hey suz, Thanks for the info! I fortunately managed to find the PFAFF manual and it says that my machine takes both 134-135 needles, I managed to fixed my tension too I needed a new check spring ! It's all coming together slowly! The next thing is feet I think, get myself a few different types
  8. Right I apologies for posting question after question however I am so new to this machine stuff I really am just trying to find things out as I go. My lower thread is not pulling the upper thread down which looks unsightly (I can't upload the picture because it is too large) but i hope my description helps. But the images I can upload are of the tension assembly, I have tried turning the upper tension from tightest to middle to loosest As well are the lower tension I have done it so it's lose and tight (doesn't take much turning to get from one to the other) is my lower tension wrong? Or my assembly is wrong for my machine? I have seen mulitple pictures with people having a lot more allowance/room to tighten and loosen (hope that makes sense) Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Good morning/evening Suzelle Yeah meisi is now very popular in the industry especially for hand sewing as all the 'high end' artisans are starting to use it. I recieved the Soma bonded nylon today which is really pleasing to use! The only problem I'm really have now is my tension is just seriously need to fix it! (i'm going to be posting a question on it) Also I look forward to the needle post!
  10. I'm just going to quickly chime in and say one of the things which annoys me the most is incompetence. And I say this all the time. If you're going to do something, do it properly or don't bother doing it at all
  11. I think having them a bright colour is a great idea, however I'd do it to be able find them after I put them down
  12. I won't lie to you... I really didn't know I could alter the machine to accommodate a bigger needle. However I can look into doing that. This might sound like a daft question.. But is there a correct way of measuring the size of a needle? So I could then search for the same size needle as the one which came with the machine? The thread I was planning to use is Meisi Super Fine linen Thread, M40 I believe (thin).. It's mainly used for hand sewing but I asked the question and you can use if for machine stitching too, I will also be using Soma Bonded Nylon tkt 40 which I bought from Konsew.com. I will be mainly using it for card holders, wallets and those type of thicknesses for now. However, I will eventually use thicker leather for making bag handles or bags in general. I would love for you to send more details, anything which I can absorb and learn will be incredible. Thanks again for the reply.
  13. IT's extremely frustrating trying to figure out things about a sewing machine, I've been doing by hand since I started but now I'm using the sewing machine and since I don't know anything I feel s overwhelmed trying to figure it all out, I bought some; DPx16LR 135x16 RTV size 120/19 + DPx16LR 135x16 RTV size 110/18 And unfortunately they are farrrrrrr to big for my machine! I compared it to the needle I got with the PFAFF 355 and the difference is huge! The frustation + confusion is unreal
  14. Love the detailed response thank you! Could I ask, can I mix and match different feet/outside feet? For example if I used; This smooth outfoot - https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/s513sb-outside-foot-smooth-bottom-use-with-inner-foot-s512sb.html with This inside foot - https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/240149h-inside-foot-singer-111w-use-with-outer-foot-240148h.html or This inside foot - https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/240149st-split-toe-inside-foot-use-with-outer-foot-240148st.html Would this work? I'm new to using sewing machine so just trying to figure it all out, Thanks
  15. Me too, I was looking for one for ages! Thankfully I managed to get one. Unfortunetly no it didn't come with alternate feet. I am current in the hunt for some, I asked a quest in my most recent post on this website forum. I'm just not sure which to get!
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