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  1. AlbertoE

    PFAFF 335 for leatherwork?

    Thank you
  2. AlbertoE

    PFAFF 335 for leatherwork?

    I just bought a 335-H3-6/01 and the feed dog moves only forward and backwards it doesn't rises up. Can it be changed ?
  3. AlbertoE

    Rebirth Of A Singer 211G155

    Thank you Eric All your explanations are a tremendous amount of information valuable for everyone, after all this years I have the opportunity to dig in , it will take a while before can grasp how to use.
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  5. AlbertoE


    Thank you very much. Thanks Thank you.
  6. AlbertoE


    I have problems with a recently bought 111w153 singer. It doesn't complete the cycle easily. it gets very hard to turn at the end Any idea that I can use Thanks.