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  1. I recently purchased a Singer 111W??? (It’s missing the model number tag) I initially thought it was a 111W101, but I’m not certain. I do own another 111W101 machine and this new machine is very similar, but there are a few differences... the main difference I’ve found is the lower thread guide. My old 111W101 has a two piece guide, whereas my new 111W??? has a one piece guide (part #224040). After digging through lots of pics on google, I’m wondering if I may have a 111W103... Would anyone be able to tell me the difference between a 111W101 and 111W103. The new machine seems to be able to sew slightly longer stitch length (4 vs. 5 stitches per inch) Foot lift height is about the same on both machines, approximately 3/8” Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you for that link. It looks like the 106 is very similar to the 101.
  3. Yes, i had visited those sites. I do have a copy of the Instruction manual. I'm now trying to find the Parts manual.
  4. I went ahead and purchased the 111W101. I haven't much time to dig into it yet. The machine seem to roll over smoothly, everything seems to work. It does have a small amount of threads missing off of the stitch length adjustment (which seems to be a common problem for these early 111W machines). But it does stay in place while running. If it causes trouble in the future, it looks like it can easily be locked in place by adding a washer to the screw on the adjusting cam. The Consew clutch motor runs smooth and is very quiet. The table itself is in kinda rough shape. I think I'd like to find (or build) a solid wood table top. The wood looks nicer that the green laminate top, in my opinion. Would anyone have a link to a parts manual for the 111W101? I haven't been able to find one on the web. From what I've read, it seems most records for these "W" machines were lost. Is there any way to determine this machine's approximate year of manufacture? (serial number is W661150)
  5. Thank you all for the input. I think I’ll go with the 111W101.
  6. I was leaning that way... The one thing that draws me to the 78-1 is the length of stitch adjustment. It’s so simple on the 78-1. And I’ve read bad things about the 111W101 stitch adjustment. Any thoughts?
  7. Looking for some advise... I have the chance purchase either a singer 78-1 or 111W101. I haven’t seen either machine in person yet. Both are supposed to be in working order. My main purpose for getting a machine is to try to do some automotive upholstery. Any thoughts about which machine might be a better buy? Price for either machine will be approximately $200 (Canadian), including table and clutch motor. I know some people would say buy a newer machine, but I’m happy to and like tinkering with antiques. thanks in advance.
  8. I did ask for more info and pics.... seller just said it was his father’s machine and didn’t know anything about it. He doesn’t seem very interested in selling it, I guess?
  9. Sorry that’s the only one. It’s from a local ad. The seller has no other pics or info.
  10. Just wondering if anymore might be able to identify this machine?
  11. I'm curious if anyone has tried to install the larger bobbin from a 31K20 into a 31K15 machine. From looking through parts manuals, would I be correct in saying that all you'd need to do is install the complete shuttle race (#24325) and shuttle assembly (#20758) from the 20 into the 15? Thanks in advance
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