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  1. Super helpful reply thank you. Interestingly, the same seller who's design im looking to modify, has an offering with rings (in a layout i dont like), but doesnt seem to have gone to any effort to reinforce where the ring rivets join the leather. Bad design? Or is the thickness of the leather they're using able to hold up without re-inforcing the spine where the rivets penetrate? Any guess how thick that leather is? (if that's a real credit card, its 0.76mm thick. the outer cover looks to be at least 3x thicker, 2.5mm?)
  2. Im looking at getting 2 initials gold foil Embossed onto front of a compendium with a calligraphy style font "Batta Quath". However even at font size 90 (approximately 3cm high letters), parts of the font are very thin. Judging from my vernier calipers about 0.25mm at the thinnest point. to about 1.85mm at the thickest. If i Bold the font, it goes to 0.8mm at thinnest, to 2.4mm at the thickest. Loses its 'elegance' when its emboldened IMO. Have any of you embossed font so thin? The other thing i need to know, is 1.5mm veg tan too thin for embossing? The alternative is i go laser etching, but obviously that makes the gold effect impossible...
  3. Great links, thanks. Good suggestion, only trouble is i dont own a macbook personally. I could maybe cut some 15mm MDF to simulate one tho
  4. Thanks, will do Can you elaborate? Do you mean adding something stiff in between the back and front cover? Perhaps instead i could achieve the same result by using a thicker veg tan? But perhaps that will make opening and closing a problem..? So basically add 26mm border space around the object i want to fit in the LHS pocket?
  5. Cheers mate. Will send you a PM. Really helpful. Thanks for all the advice.
  6. So im going to make a leather compendium out of veg tan leather, and plan to use Fiebing's leather dye, then finish with resolene. Problem is, i've seen on a number of youtube video people saying alcohol dyes make the leather go stiff, which would be a problem with a compendium that needs to open and close frequently. Is there something i can treat the leather with after dying, before (or after) applying resolene, that will keep the leather soft? I know people usually apply waxes or oils to condition leather, however im not sure if they can be applied after coating with resolene, and if applied prior, perhaps the resolene will not adhere properly?
  7. Im in Brisbane. Thankyou for the suggestion of Birdsall Leather, i will check them out. Guilds workshop is also a good idea, thanks
  8. Yes, but i would really like a ring binder. I fear if i just buy the stock one, and add a binder, it wont close properly... If i only had TWO question, they would be; What leather did they use in the picture? how to get the sizing right for the ipad/macbook pocket on the right? Here are the dimensions of an macbook 15" (13.75inch x 9.48inch x 0.61inch) (34.93cm x 24.07cm x 1.55cm)
  9. Hey Gentlemen, I'm brand new to leather work. Never done anything before, and need some guidance replicating compendium pictured with a few changes for a birthday gift. (I originally contacted someone to make it for me, but they stopped replying to my messages). So I've been watching youtube videos to try learn how to do this. Here are my questions: Should i use natural vegetable-tanned leather? or other? Thickness? I like the color & size of the thread they used, is that a specific thread thickness? Which stain should i use to achieve that same shade Burgundy? Oil based stains are better right? Aside from the stain, what other chemicals/oils will i need? How have they achieved that light pink on the inside (fury side)? If i want to fit a tablet or macbook in the pocket, is there a rule of thumb on how much extra spacing to i need to allow either side? I plan to add an A4 ring binder to the center, but worry about the rings impacting the tablet when closing. How wide should i create the center gap to avoid this? Finally, what are the minimum tools i will need to buy for this job? Here's what i think i need; Something sharp to cut with A needle, size? Stitch groover, how far in to i make the grove? Stiching punch to match thread, size? Edge beveler, shape? Burnisher hole punch for button, size? hole punch for belt, size? hole punch for A4 ring binder, size? way to stamp button together Am i missing anything? I'm in Australia, any recommendations on suppliers with good prices would be appreciated. Thank you kindly.
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