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  1. Hello, here is another pattern. is a low profile 8 slots vertical wallet, also comes with a web 3d configurator in case you want to try different variants. Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/h7ps6J_A3L4 Free pattern https://www.raulreyes3d.com/tutorials
  2. Hello! Here is a simple leather Case pattern, you can use it as pen case, glasses case or anything you want, Is a simple design so you can easly modify the lenght. Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/ZFXWWN6gPcc Free Pattern: https://www.raulreyes3d.com/tutorials
  3. HELLO! Here is a Stitchless card holder (for up to 15 cards and/or other small items) You can get the free pattern and tutorial here: https://www.raulreyes3d.com/tutorials More video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ksyC2LQS8q0tV2TtGHqFg
  4. Hello. This is another Free pattern, is a simple trifold Wallet: https://www.raulreyes3d.com/tutorials/tw05a it comes with a web interactive 3d configurator, so you can choose the design you prefer https://www.raulreyes3d.com/tw05a3d
  5. Hello. Im currently working on my personal Portfolio, so I'm including some Leathercrafting stuff. Here is the template and video for a simple Card holder (up to 6 cards). It comes with a web 3d configurator so you can test different leather types, colors, thread, etc. (If it is slow try to make your browser window smaller to reduce resolution) Video: 3D configurator: https://www.raulreyes3d.com/vch02a3d Pattern https://www.raulreyes3d.com/tutorials/2020/5/9/making-a-card-holder-vch02a