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  1. If I put another set of the tension discs like the front of this machine has at the top to apply just a little tension that would be enough? Or is that to much tension? I can remake the rod with a different top so I can mount a tension assembly to it. I got the nets in and they apply to much tension and the thread gets stuck when it is pulling from the bottom of the spool. I haven't tried the nylon footie yet and I think I am going to modify the top and mount another disc tension on it. I am I the only one that has this problem or no one cares it bundles up at the bottom? Im new so these are the growing pains. Thanks, Cory
  2. Here is the setup. I have a thread stand that mounts to the machine. I spoke to a friend about this and they said as long as the thread falls naturally it shouldn’t become a problem. I will try the recommendations that have been posted also. thanks cory
  3. Hello, I'm new here and new to a used Singer 29k73 patcher with a treadle base. I purchased 1/2 pound #69 bonded thread from Toledo sewing and using it on the top of this machine. I am having trouble keeping the thread from falling down the spool. These are straight spools not tapered so when the thread is lifted off the top it unravels and collects on the black base of the spool. I have ordered and waiting for some of the thread net materials to try to wrap the outside. I tried a rubber band but its to tight. The thread does go through a tall wire with a loop and then into the proper routing hardware into the machine. I looked around on this site and did not find any information about this problem. Another Youtuber called it puddling not sure what to call it or what to look for. I'm not sure if the thread is not wound tight enough on the spool and that is why it falls. I will post some pictures soon. I look forward to any help. Thank you, Cory
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