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  1. My leather mentor, who is in his 80s, with 40 plus years experience, swears by copydex... smells rank, but works a treat and is more forgiving if you line things up wrong than contact cement is... you can also peel off bits if it gets where you dont want it and dont notice in time. But omg the smell.... dead fish x 10.
  2. I placed an order a couple of weeks ago too, I saw that they were recommending that orders were delayed... It came 3 days later... faster than orders I'd placed in the UK. Nice to see their prices are now cheaper than some of the UK resellers too, but not happy with the lack of clearance/sale section on the new website.. used to get some real gems on there.
  3. Hi All, Does anyone happen to have a copy of a pdf version of the now discontinued Tandy miniature roper saddle kit? I've been after this pattern for ages, but still Leathercraft Library havent added it. This forum is my last hope. If anyone could forward me a copy to: claire.welsman@virginmedia.com, I would really appreciate it :)
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