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  1. Thank you for the link! This is very helpful.
  2. Thanks for the informative reply. I wondered if I might need a beveler to duplicate some of those lines. I’ve purchased a swivel knife (Barry King w/ 3/8 blade); I thought I’d buy other tools as needed. My plan is to use veg tan for making notebook covers with the design on the front. I think it'll be a fun project and make nice gifts for family and friends.
  3. I’m new at leather craft, and I’m about to venture into carving and tooling. I’m particularly interested in decorative styles using just the swivel knife. I’ve seen it called finger carving in some posts. I’ve attached some graphics I’ve come across, and I’m wondering if I could carve similar designs using a swivel knife (with lots of practice of course). As I said, I’m new at this, so any tips or advice are welcome. Thanks
  4. thanks guys, for the terrific replies. Doing mockups with cardstock is a good idea. I'll need to play around with sizes and shapes to get what I need. I've seen the Stohlman set and Valerie Michael book recommended in other threads. I'll look into those. And there a lot of free books in that 'Leathercraft library", thanks; I'll be spend be spending the afternoon exploring. And mike02130, thanks for sharing those photos. That is what I hope to accomplish. That's great work. Thanks again, this is a helpful forum for beginners.
  5. I'm so glad to find these forums. I could use some direction and advice. I’m a hobbyist woodworker and while looking for spokeshave cases, I came across Kari Hultman’s work (see photo). I'd love to try to make similar items to fit my tools. I don’t want to copy her style, I’m just hoping to make leather cases, covers, tool rolls etc for my own tools. I’ve looked at leather work books on Amazon, and there are many, but it’s not clear which would be best for the sort of work I’m hoping to learn. Maybe someone could recommend a book to start? I'd appreciate any tips or advice for moving forward. I can see leatherwork as a hobby that could grow along side my woodworking. The projects I’ve seen in these forums are beautiful. Thanks, Tony Wilson
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