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  1. Asking $100 each for these dies. We have sold literally thousands of these items. Jockey (top) retails at $30, Sashay (middle) at $35, Whisper (bottom) at $25.
  2. These two dies are for armbands, which retail at $30 each. Asking $50 per die.
  3. I'm in Toronto, Canada. I'm betting you're in Texas? I'm actually thinking of keeping this, after listing it! It's pretty handy, quite light, and I can see some leatherwork in my future, but more hobby stuff than business. But I can't recommend it highly enough, it's a lovely piece of equipment, and the pneumatic conversion was pretty simple and straightforward.
  4. Hi Yankee, I'm curious how you are getting on with your Hu Ji 43? I'm looking at maybe picking one up. Is yours still going strong? Any problems with it? thanks! Kristina
  5. A hand press is a hand operated machine that creates pressure on a die, which is basically a shaped knife. The die is placed on the leather and when pressure is applied with the handle, it cuts the leather into the shape. Something like this: I cut with a clicker press for the most part, but if am cutting by hand and want to put a circle or half circle or quarter circle, I'll use a round punch or a strap end punch. There are lots of better people than me on this forum to answer that question! I agree with the previous poster who said it was likely 'pull up', aka oily pull. It's a nice leather to work with for your purposes because it is pliable. I would add that if you are producing items for other people to buy, your own preference may not be the best guide. You may not like the way it looks, but that doesn't mean lots of other people won't think it's the coolest thing they've ever seen.
  6. Oh, interesting! I had no idea. You really never stop learning with this stuff, do you? Good luck!
  7. I'm selling this unique Heritage brand cast iron foot press machine. This is a solid, versatile machine that punches holes, sets rivets, snap fasteners, and spots. It's been used but not abused, and is in excellent working order, and will earn its place in any leather shop. What makes this one unique is that we have modified it to run off an air compressor, taking much of the strain out of extended operation. If you don't want to use the air option, the machine is still fully functional as a manual unit. Included in the price is the tool itself, a self centering table, 8 part storage tray, pneumatic piston assembly, and a bunch of dies. A steal at $1200!
  8. Tandy is called the Leather Factory in Canada, but other than that it's pretty much the same. I would buy the odd hide there, if I was in a pinch and the price was right. Recently though, they moved away from selling hides by square footage, and just put a flat rate sticker on each type of leather, regardless of the size. And the prices went through the roof. They used to have a wholesale pricing level, which technically, they still sort of do, but it's like a dime off retail. Not a great incentive to buy. Their hardware is overpriced, overpackaged, and geared toward the user who makes one belt a year. They've become my absolute last choice, in pretty much any circumstances. It's sad, because the staff in my local store, in Mississauga, are great.
  9. We made this thing years ago. It's 96" by 48". Edges are wood trimmed. It is, as you can see, a bit a of magnet for clutter, but I always know where stuff is. On the table! The shelf underneath is good storage. The space at the end was designed in to hold a spool of rope on a bar. We have a tool hanging bar down the centre, a power bar at the far end and an overhead light, er, overhead. This table gets used mostly for smaller, lighter projects and assembly. There's another one, the same size but slightly lower, at the other end of the workshop that we use if we're hand cutting a hide.
  10. Very nice, Fity! I really like the red lights. Are you hand punching the holes or die cutting?
  11. What, Regina? See, I was always crap at guessing!
  12. Very nice pouch gigidept! And excellent to see more Toronto folk here!
  13. https://www.hidehouse.com/ These guys carry all kinds of leather, well priced. Weaver Leather out of Ohio are also good to deal with, esp for veg tans.
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