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  1. Hi there, I sew sheepskin at a tannery on allbook & hashfield 'success' cup seamers. One of the machines is difficult to use and I think it's a problem with the feeding disc. The sheepskin isn't being fed through consistently so the stitching gets bunched up and is very uneven. Compared to the other machines I think the feeding disc on the problem machine feels a bit slack to turn by hand and wonder if this could be the issue. There is a hex bolt in the axle that turns the feeding disc and I wonder if tightening that will make the feeding disc a bit stiffer and more functional. Does anyone have experience of this? Ive attached a couple pics of a similar model (I'm not at work today, just at home mentally troubleshooting) Thank you!
  2. Hi folks! I have recently aquired a brother DB2 B755-3 for sewing some pretty pliable leather. I think I'm using the correct needle size - 16 x 231 (DB x 1) NM 110 Size 18 ... I find sewing machine needle systems a bit mindbending... but I'm concerned the thread I'm using is incorrect and not going to be strong enough with normal wear and tear. I've got Coats Nylbond, in size Tkt 040. it also says Tex 070 but not sure what that means! Any tips? Thanks so much!
  3. Does anyone have any idea what needle system a Brother DB2-B755-3 uses, and which would be the correct needle size for soft leather? Thank you in advance, struggling with the needle system world!
  4. Thanks for all the replies, I'm just waiting on needles and thread now.
  5. I took those weeny screws out but still couldn't get the shuttle out, how do you remove it? I had a fridge magnet with them preciously stuck!
  6. Sorry, I didnt make that clear in my previous post, I have got a needle plate that holds it all in place, but I am totally green to this type of machine so wanted to make sure it was supposed to spin freely like that without the plate. Having watched that previous video I think my timing is ok, but definitely my bobbin threading is a bit whack!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/mali.messent/videos/10158113387811005/ Hopefully you can see that - does this all look normal?
  8. Thank you all for the replies. And sorry for my delayed response - I've been fiddling with it a bit more and trying to find a good window of time in which the kids are otherwise occupied! I get you about the needle/thread size @Matt S - the needle that was installed in it and the similar ones that came with it arent in a box unfortunately so I cant see what size they are, but in addition to being big they're a bit longer than the other needles that came with it.. having watched that video @Uwe I think my timing is ok, but it seems to need the longer needle for the hook to catch it at all. All of the needles I've used with my other machines have been the same length so this is also new to me- which number on the box refers to the length of the needle? @Uwe and @Handstitched I definitely think part of the issue is my bobbin threading- the thread is just not going behind the tension spring- I've tried loosening the tension screw and it doesn't seem to help. Should I take the shuttle out and have a look? Not that I know how to do that! I've attached pictures of my threading @Uwe and I think I've corrected the pin issue. I'm also going to try to attach a link to a video of my bobbin when the plate is off to see if it looks normal. @Matt S I'm really just trying to learn more - pre furlough I was about to go on a leather bag making course in england, darnnit, but now I'm trying to use the time to learn as much as I can. I've got some nice soft chrome tan leather, about 2mm thick which I want to try to make a really simple bag, just for myself. I have a friend who makes leather sheaths for her brother, who in turn makes beautiful knives, and she has ideas of things she'd be able to do with the machine up and running too. I work at a tannery called Skyeskyns, usually making rugs and cushions, that kind of thing. @Handstitched even though I cant get the bloody thing going yet, I already love it!! It's like a tractor! Skye is much more mountainous and green than Shetland actually, and today it is brilliant sunshine and very picture postcard. Thanks again for your help!
  9. Hi! I'm totally new to this machine- I usually sew for a sheepskin tannery on the isle of Skye in Scotland using a one thread overlocker, and at home using domestic machines. My workplace is shut indefinitely due to bleedin covid19, but they've given me loan of a Seiko Stw 8b to see if I can make use of it if and when I go back. I've looked at several grainy manuals online for it, and I think I've neeeaarrly got it going... Its been sitting untouched in an office for ages so I've oiled it, changed the needle- I'm worried I've made a mistake somewhere threading it, and also worried the timing might be out maybe- if it was one of my machines at home I would change the needle and rethread.. any advice would be amazing! I've attached pictures of the wonky stitching and my probably wonky threading. Cheers!
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