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  1. This is what I have been doing minus using a wood chisel to connect the dots. That is brilliant and I think I will give that a try first. I am thinking you can probably get really clean slots with this method. Do you have any good tricks for round ends and English points? Very good points you have made here. I am trying to keep the tools at a minimum and find ways to use individual tools for multiple uses. Also, I have become a believer in the "buy once cry once" line of thinking for tools that get a lot of use. Thanks for the input.
  2. Hello, I am still relatively new to leatherwork as a hobby and I have bought all of the basic tools I need and made a few tools as well. I would love to have a set of good oblong punches but they are quite pricey! So, in your experience, if you could only have one size of oblong punch to do as much different punching as possible what width and length would it be? I have already considered making sure it is short because I can always step it forward to lengthen the punched area. Also, I have been looking at C.S. Osborne, but does anyone have any other good brand recommendations?
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