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  1. Thank you for your help guys! I have gone with these Metropolitan Leather, they're a company based in East Midlands. Relatively local to Birmingham where we're from.
  2. Hi Guys, My dad has a small leather business here in Birmingham and was looking to create a suede handbag for his small collection of customers. He is currently looking to source some suede material. Does anyone have any ideas of where to get some of the material?
  3. What type of goods would you sell? I would create a leather belt shop. I think there is a huge market for homemade belts! How much are they priced? They would be a high priced item at around £40-£50 How many people would work for you? My dream would be to have stores around the world with thousands of people working for me. Where would your goods be made? I want it to be primarily UK based production. What company would it be similar too? I want the belts to be the same quality as Gucci who make unreal belts! Would you own a store? where? all over the world? As I touched on above I would want stores across the world. Also could be leather related like a knife maker, tool maker or leather retailer.
  4. ntipp1

    Etsy shop

    Looks great! Maybe look at lessons to improve further. However, I cannot knock you for starting a business!
  5. ntipp1

    Logo/Website/Business Card Design

    I believe that the logo is the most important factor in a brand because that is the first thing you see! Most branding is clear and consise. This gives the audience a taste of what your product is. A too complicated logo tells me that they're trying to hard to impress.
  6. ntipp1

    Some Practical Marketing Advice

    Thank you for the tips, my dad is talking about starting a leather hide business and he is unsure about the branding and marketing aspect of the business!