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  1. Hey, Thank you for your contribution. I still don't know who the manufacturer is. It does have a number on it, '52' That's all. I notice the machine is rare, I don't see them on Ebay. Sincerely, Jan
  2. Thanks for replies. I have approached A&A but they are not supplying any material. Maybe also because I want to buy a small amount to try this out first. Regards, Jan
  3. The restoration of my leather splitter. Unfortunately I did not come across any markings. Does anyone recognize this model?
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy a few meters of pre sharpen steel rule in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany? I have a bender but can't find any material. Thanks!
  5. Hi, For the production of belts, I am considering purchasing a SIECK Typ 75 DH. Does anyone have experience with this device? Any advice is very welcome! Regards, Jan http://www.sieck.de/maschinen/guertelherstellung/?produkt=5601
  6. To avoid problems I made a modified Lifting Presser Bar for the use of shorter needles. Now I can quickly change needles with only 1 adjustment, the needlebar. Without the extra Lifting Presser Bar you will ever make the mistake of sewing without lifting the presser foot. Major damage will then follow. Thanks for your help!!!
  7. Hey, I installed the machine and adjusted the needle bar height for needle 794 according to Uwe's instructions. It sews fine right away! An additional problem is that the needlebar hits the presser foot when the presser foot is raised. So that must also be adjusted otherwise sooner or later that will go wrong by mistake. I'm going to find out if that is possible. The bottom 2 threads of serafil 10/3, needle 794 / size 200 through 5mm thick leather. Sewn on my Singer class 7. The top thread is sewn on my Pfaff 24-1 from year 1907. Thanks Uwe for your explanation!
  8. Hi Uwe, Thank you very much for the clear description! This week I will get a new floor, Saturday I will install my machine. I'll try the 794 needle right away. I will let you know the result, but I am already convinced that this should work.
  9. I took a picture of the different needles from my collection. The question is whether I can adapt the Singer 7-33 so that 794 / 7x1 / 7x3 is usable. The difference in length between the 794 and the SINGER 26gy is, as you can see, quite large. Can that work? Do you have experience with this? Great that you think along!
  10. Hi Matt, Thanks for your comment! Can you confirm that the length of the 7x2 is 76.7mm?
  11. Hi, I was able to buy a Singer class 7-33 recently, ex army. The machine is a beast. Despite its age of 70, in very good condition. I'm proud of it! This machine comes with a bag of needles, marked 'SINGER 26gy'. I think this needle is for Webbing, canvas ... The needle is 76.7mm long. Does anyone know what needle type I can use for leather ??? Is any needle bar adjustment necessary for sewing leather on this machine? Thanks in advance for all the tips !!!
  12. Hi, Unfortunately I don't have any needles for the sd28 at the moment. If I have been able to get them again I will let you know by means of a PM to interested parties. Greetings, JaDu
  13. Hi, Can you add me please? Thanks!!!
  14. Hi Johanna, Can you give me access? Thanks!!
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