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  1. Happy weekend everyone, time for the update on my vintage c1892. Singer 16-41, ... well after a couple of more attempts at timing the needle and hook , with no success, I went to the motor and turned the field coils around to spin the sewing machine balance wheel counter clockwise. Then adjusted the feed dog cam to feed the work pieces away from me. First attempt, I didn’t get the feed dog quite right, so second attempt, and it gained full motion,. Time to try to sew, and yes, it picked up the bobbin thread really easily, and then sewing , for the first time in a really long time. I am very happy to say the least,, Thanks for the Guidance Constabulary, very much appreciated, regards Jack
  2. Constabulary, the machine head need to turn , clockwise, the electric motor fitted to the table was turning anticlockwise.I changed the electric motor to turn clockwise. I Noticed on the pictures posted of the 16KSv you posted the the tension spring is above the spring adjusting plate, mine was below the little lug on the adjusting plate, so I have made it the same as yours, thank you for the link. I will not be able to enjoying figuring this machine again until next weekend, ,Have a great week everyone, Jack
  3. The shuttle is oscillating, so it goes backwards and forwards in semi circles. It picks up the thread in the needle , coming at the needle from behind the needle. I think my 31 class singers have the shuttle coming up from the front of the needle. When I purchased this machine, it had 42-5. Scratched into the paint on the front, Further investigations found a small bobbin , and not the large beak type bobbin on the 42 class. It came to me advertised as “working”. , but all that meant is that it was free and moving, When I plugged it in to check the motor, the feed dog spat the work piece back at me. So I changed the field winding wires in the motor to make it spin the opposite direction to match the machine. makes me think it was never used with the current motor to sew, and someone had changed motors , and didn’t understand, what was going on. Constabulary, I have checked the feed dog , and with the needle and thread take up lever at top dead centre the feed dog is at the front most position.when sewing without threading the machine. The feed dogs move the material through very well with even stitch puncture holes. I did notice that the hole in in the thread take up lever has some grooves which look sharp and may be snagging the upper thread and affecting upper tension. Has anyone polished the hole in the thread take up lever, or repaired them some other way?.. regards and Thank Jack
  4. Thank you very much, Constabulary, that is very helpful, regards Jack, It is a Singer 16-41. Must be USA. Manufactured. As I cannot find anything close in 16K. Models, not sure how it came to Australia, had me stumped for a while as it has no brass model number plate attached. It is CB. Central bobbin oscillating, Alternating presser feet. The most interesting thing is that the machine wheel is turned clockwise away from you.
  5. Hello everyone, I have acquired an 1892 Singer 16-41. I am attempting to time the needle and hook shuttle, but cannot get it to sew. I have installed a new shuttle race and shuttle, bobbin holder and bobbin. Having only been able to find adjustment manuals for the Singer 16-141, the needle on the rise should have the shuttle hook 1/16” above the eye of the needle. My first attempts at timing such an old Singer, my question is does the needle timing occur at the very bottom of the needle stroke, just starting to rise,, and does the shuttle get set further past the needle and then swing into the needle scarf, or should the needle be at bottom, and shuttle only having a very limited run into the needle. thank you all very much.
  6. Thank you all for the leads on the needles, due to time differences, emails are the way to go. i have posted a picture , that is the needle hanging up. It has a large boat shuttle bobbin.
  7. Hi all, my first post on this site, I have purchased an antique Jones and Co treadle saddler sewing machine, I am trying to find somewhere who stocks needles that could be used in this machine, Fortunately it has one needle, which measures 3.590” long and .100 diameter shank. Thank you in advance,
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