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  1. Thank you guys for all the great tips. I think I'll experiment with the inkjet printer, with and without applying heat. Wondering what kind of wax paper we are talking about, any Amazon link(or any shop) where I can find it? Also, I found some inkjet printer compatible heat transfer paper that are used to transfer image on t-shirt and such by using a heat press, I wonder if that kind of paper would work(you can find them by searching for "Heat transfer sublimation paper". I don't have a heat press, but I guess that a small soldering iron could do by working it out with some patience.
  2. Hello all, I am really wondering how is it possible to create such design on leather(the musical notes on the attached photo). It looks so perfect to me. I was thinking maybe some special dying over a plastic pattern with the musical partition carved in it or laser printing? Not sure if heat transfer could also accomplish this. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi, i am new to leather dye and I have been searching on the web, but I am pretty confused now, so here I am asking for some advice and opinions. 1) What kind of sealer can I use on water-based dye like the Eco-Flo? I got a bunch of Eco-Flo water dye here and some Fiebing Resolene that i never used, would that work? I also have Angelus leather finishers matte and acrylic, are they also any good? 2) Can I dye over a leather that already has a dye? After searching the web, I found solutions involving rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, but I am not sure if they would damage the leather. Maybe I could just keep them as is and they will still sell even if they do not meet my personal taste, who knows. 3) If we can effectively dye over an already existing dye, what techniques are you using to properly prepare and clean the leather to accept the new dye? Thanks you in advance for any advices!
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