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  1. There are 3 great Gurus of the Progressive Movement ~ From the book "The Political Mind", by George Lakoff, the University of California at Berkley professor; Marxist, Progressive, neo-syndicalist, and an associate of Robert Reich. (G. Lakoff is also a contributor to the Huffington Post and The Daily Kos blogs) "Since voters' opinions are neither logical nor self-made, they should be altered, not obeyed. Politicians should 'not follow polls but use them to see how they can change public opinion to their moral worldview.' And since persuasion is mechanical, Progressives should rely less on facts and more on images and drama, 'casting Progressives as heroes, and by implication, conservatives as villains.' The key is to 'say things not once, but over and over. Brains change when ideas are repeatedly activated.' What should Progressives say? That conservatism is 'fundamentally anti-democratic.' It tells us to save your own skin and not to care about your neighbor, so conservatives don't pay much attention to injured veterans. “Fascist anti-rationalism, like psychoanalysis, conceives of itself as a science which can channel elemental human drives in a useful direction." An enemy must be created for blame; an excuse for their suspension of freedoms and liberty. And as Lakoff states above, the idea is to destroy this enemy with rumors and slander, never debating the facts! Lakoff wittingly promoted Fascist creed as a tool of Progressivism. Surprised? "Hands up, don't shoot!"
  2. I had a debate with Cenk Uygur of "The Young Turks" that lasted two weeks on his web-page. He was on MSNBC at the time. It was about calling Conservatives, "Fascists". I cited historical fact after fact. Finally the last days I gave him 17 questions that anyone who had thoroughly researched the subject would know. I told him that if he could honestly answer any of them I would become a communist. Questions like, "who were the two principal authors of the fascist theory?" The reason being that both men were communists, Geovani Gentile or Italy who was the philosophical contributor, and Georges Eugene Sorel of France, applicable today, because he was the anarcho-syndicalist (street organizing and violence) contributor. The idea was that "communism could never take hold in a nation deeply entrenched in private property" (sorry Bill and Chirlane de Blasio) like the US. "Capitalism must be overthrown by radical trade union violence and cultural groups with a grievance. And if they do not have a grievance, create it!" ~ Sorel, "Reflections on Violence, 1908. Sorel was kind of nuts really. Today he would claim ANTIFA and BLM as his creations. At the end of two weeks, Uygur said, "You are a liar because you are a liar!" Such an intellect. What troubles me is that Fascism, Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, are all means to get the same ends. It is a story 170 years old, and almost every contemporary element of their ideology has been laid out consistently since circa 1900. Their high priests like Sorel, Antonio Gramsci, John Dewey, Bill Ayers, Obama, etc have all said over time, that the means was corrupting the education system, which they have executed well. The "Frankfurt School" communists that came to Columbia University in the 1930's and then migrated to Hollywood, had a goal of separating communism from fascism in the minds of the people through a propaganda program and education. They succeeded! Today we have a nation of emotional infants, as you say incapable of logic and reason, indoctrinated through the patience of communism, "grasshoppers and elephants", who serve as their fodder to foment collapse. This is my graph concerning the political scale, opposite of the Frankfurt School polar representation. I got a "D" in Political Science class for debating the professor with this concept. It did not list the 12 degrees of separation but everything else was the same. Proof that a college degree represents a dumbing-down of the new member of the proletariat.
  3. I must say I have enormously enjoyed the reasoned logic of Frodo and yourself on this thread. Reason is a rather "offensive" tool in contemporary political discourse. A model for discussion was formed in 1895 by a collaboration of communists in, "The Anti-Rationalists Movement" after 20 years of mashing their genius' together. Immediately out of that movement grew the, "Progressive Movement in 1896 and the Fascist Movement finally coalesced in by communists Geovani Gentile (doctrine) and George Eugene Sorel (street violence specialist). How to debate? Don't do it, obfuscate! Their conclusion: 1) Never directly debate any issue. 2) Wrap every argument in drama and emotion 3) Destroy your opponent. 20 years of genius came up with that! But it has lasted to this day and is the reason why discourse has descended into insults and pejoratives, simply because the political left has systematically demanded facts and reason are unreasonable, perhaps defined as racist, bigoted, fascist, etc. Unfortunately the political left and globalist have adopted the Dunning-Kruger Effect (syndrome) as a religious practice; the more one practices "social justice" through virtue-signaling, the more intellectual they perceive themselves.
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