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  1. Actually I am very grateful with this forum. I could not have advanced with my project without your collaboration! I want to thank, in person, RockyAussie to all the members of the forum! Brds PS: I hope to show more progress soon.
  2. I am working on the manufacture of a pedal to be able to use it in conjunction with a frequency inverter. On the power axis I would like to be able to go from zero to approximately 1000 rpm with my hands free. I first looked for a pedal from a sewing machine, then a volume pedal from a guitar. But none adapted. Then I consulted a friend who knows a lot about electronics and designed something cool with LED lights and an LDR (light dependent resistor) and it seems to work very well. The construction of the pedal (hard part) has taken me a long time. I hope I can show some images of the set working! Brds
  3. Hello Scoutmom103. Yes and it is also very heavy! Practically I alone cannot raise the machine / motors and table assembly :-)
  4. I don't want to bore you with details. But I have advanced with the project, at the moment I am a bit complicated to adapt / manufacture a pedal to the frequency inverter. I attach an image. Brds.
  5. Some parts with before and after. Brds. Note: I already turned the feed wheel!
  6. Jimi: Thanks for the input. My machine is similar, but not the same. I guess it is an older model than the one shown in the video. My machine is Fortuna type K (that is what is read on your board). Brds
  7. Jimi: Correct congratulations! You have been the most perceptive person !!!. It is the peculiarity / rarity that this machine has, tomorrow possibly I can upload some images with both feeding systems in motion (by hand but in motion). Brds
  8. What is this?. Please can I come in! :-)
  9. Continuing with the rearming of the bell blade shaft. The rearming sequence, as I have already mentioned above is: First rearm the bell blade shaft system. Second rearm the system corresponding to the feed shaft and thirdly rearm the sharpening system and other accessories. Brds
  10. Different items: It seems that my skyver is old enough! Perhaps it is the reason why I have not been able to find anywhere even an image of a FORTUNA type “K” machine. I've practically finished the restoration, all I have to do is install the motors and test it. On the other hand I am intrigued to know what is the reason why people look for a lot of information about the restoration of leather skyvers? But on the other hand, I also think that it is just that, visits ... but possibly from people who cannot find what they are looking for. I do not know. Because there are no more questions, beyond those that have been asked by the people who have intervened, with whom I am very grateful. Thank you.
  11. Some advances: The strategy for reassembling: I have decided to assemble first the system corresponding to the axis of the Bell Blade, secondly the system corresponding to food and thirdly the sharpening system. Brds.
  12. Painting of the large parts and gluing of the bronze crown: The largest parts have already been painted and before reassembling the machine, I had to glue a part of the bell blade advance mechanism (to be able to sharpen ). I had never used a glue for metal parts and this one has its drawbacks during cold weather! Brds
  13. Scoutmom103 and RockyAussie: Thank you for your appreciations!.
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