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  1. Thank you so much - I will start paging through this as soon as I get home!
  2. Jimi, Thank you so much! I have reached out to he and Bob. Hoping i can get some help!
  3. Hello Everyone, First time posting here so please be understanding with terminology and what not - any help/suggestions is appreciated. I have what I believe is an early singer 16k SV - only issue is there is not a model number tag on it like most (aside from the serial number - 5603810 - 1883) - Do you agree with this or have any reason for why it could be a different model? Hopefully once this is confirmed I will be able to track down and eliminated a few of these issues: 1- When taking off the tension part from where the handwheel attached my brother broke it. I have no idea what this piece is called and have been searching high and low. It seems to have been connect by a pin to an internal spring maybe? We have not tried to remove the part stuck in the rod yet as I do not want to make a bad situation worse. I really feel even knowing the name or part number would really help. 3- I also believe that I have a jump foot and long beak shuttle - my brother and I broke the top foot and I am looking to replace this as well - any suggestions? 4- Needles, needles, needles....can anyone tell me what you would try first/what to look for? 5- Does anyone know what this little clip would be called on the slide plate? It still stays on but I would like to complete as much as possible. Again, thanks in advance and any iformation and or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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