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  1. Are you sure that your foot isn't bent or poorly manufactured? Is it a Simanco or aftermarket? Old original Simanco feet were built to a much higher standard than most current aftermarket versions. Example of new outer foot (recently ordered) that slipped past quality control:
  2. Your upper presser bar bushing is NOT upside down. I looked at my 211U and the bushing is oriented just like in your photo (cutout in lower portion).
  3. Although not identical to #508309, presser bar lifter #202671 (111W version that is slightly shorter) will fit and function in your 211G.
  4. Yes, you can upgrade your current EFKA motor/controller to EFKA DA321G/DC1550--this setup will allow you to retain all your bells and whistles. You will probably need some adapter cables too (available from EFKA).
  5. I'm doing almost the exact same thing on a Singer 211u867 originally equipped with a clutch motor, EFKA controller w/ V720 control panel. I'm in the process of updating to a full function servo controller w/EPS (i.e. EFKA AB321/DC1550 or Ho Hsing i70) and restoring all of the pneumatic functions (foot lift, tension release, reverse, thread cutter). I purchased the head along with a box of pneumatic parts (from 4 machines) and have only a vague idea of how to get it all functioning again. I don't have any documentation or photos of an original configuration, but I hope someone here does--as I too could use the help.
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