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  1. Hi, thanks for your replies. 1950’s !!! Never guessed that old. Not sure why I like to know the age of sewing machines. Guess just like imagining what was happening at the time, the life it’s had etc. Is it possible to have bench envy?! That Pfaff bench is impressive. The first thing I‘ve come across which I don’t understand are the oiling points. Some have red plastic “funnels” and some don’t. I wondered if some are missing and if so are they something I need to replace? Do they have a wick under them which also needs replacing? Also the pdf manual I have shows 2 places to oil on the front whereas this machine seems to have 4. Finally the manual says to oil twice a week. Is this for when always in use in a factory? As a hobbyist how often do I need to be oiling? Many thanks, Tony
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum but have already found lots of useful information. I am used to sewing with a domestic machine but a friend has asked if I could have a go at reupholstering a beat up Austin 7 car so I’ve taken the plunge and bought a second hand Pfaff 145. It’s well used but after giving it a good clean, removing old dried up oil and re-oiling, I started it up and it sews well; phew! I wasn’t sure what I was buying just that it had a walking foot and was a good price. I have learnt what the numbers mean from previous posts on here; it’s a H2 601/BS. The serial number I’ve found is 502854 127 but that doesn’t seem to match any info I’ve found online. I wondered if anyone knew how old this is roughly? The spool holder looks very old, kind of Art Deco so perhaps that wasn’t originally with the machine. Any help appreciated, Tony
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