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  1. Hi everyone I am planing to purchase cylinder arm Sewing machine and I narrowed it down to : Cowboy CB7341 ( i believe it is same as 431?) and Typical GC2236-1b. They are very similar in regards to what they can do but it looks like very different in system. Both are clones, Singer and Juki. Price wise, in Australia, Typical is about $300 more but there is representative and mechanic in Western Australia. Not sure for Cowboy. Which one you will go for and why. Thank you for your time, cheers.
  2. Thank you ppl, I’ll keep buying/using 135-17 but also I’ll do couple of tests to be sure. Thank you heaps, cheers
  3. 5mm is a lot! So, if it works with 135-17 it’s very possible that needle bar is already adjusted by previous owner? Is there any benefit of using one instead of the other ? I am very confused which needles to buy now. Would you recommend to buy 135-5 (134 ) and check if it is going to work, readjust back if needed , or keep going with 135-17? Thank you for you help mate, I appreciate you time. Cheers
  4. I have Adler 236 , dual needle and recommended needle system is 134 or 135-5 , but someone is telling me 135-17 is the same. I am using them at the moment but not sure if they are .2 of a mm or something longer, shorter, I can not find any technical information on differences. What do you reckon what is the difference between 135-5 and 135-17 and is it safe to use them? cheers
  5. great explanation , thank yo mate I would like to ask one question in regards to tension discs; as they are 2 of them, small pre-tension and main big disc how you adjust each of them? I guess Big main disc first then pre-tension one just to the slightest setting , to keep constant feed to the main one ? Or something like that cheers
  6. Exactley , only there is no excessive belt tension. Belt was set up on “ just grubbing” tension. I did try it with belt off the machine, holding with my hand and as soon as I put bit of pressure noise will start. I could live with bit of noise , but, in my experience, motors with “ grinding noises” do not last long unless it is “normal” . cheers
  7. Yes, no problems with clutch motor. Nice and easy turns with hand
  8. No, it does not make noise with belt removed. cheers
  9. No experience with Servo motors but it does not sounds good :-) . It is brand new one, just installed and on low speed is making some grinding noises which will increase with load. On speeds over 700rpm noise will almost disappear. Is this normal? Another thing , min speed is 400rpm and is changing in 100rpm incremments or so, no smooth change, it is 400 or 500. Nothing in between. Not sure is this normal or not. Cheers
  10. Interesting approach, thank you. Thank you Const for time and explanation. It looks like I have to buy single needle machine as well. :-)
  11. Hi I am new in leather work and I just purchased Adler 268-273 dual needle post bed . It is very old but still going. Clutch motor will be swapped for Servo for sure. I will use it as double and a single needle setup but I have problem to find accessories supplier in Australia or anywhere else. I am after presser foots for single needle setup as matter of urgency. Any suggestions ! cheers
  12. Bananaman

    Adler 268-273

    cheers , registered thank you
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