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  1. How much for saddle makers shop manual?
  2. Ive only made a couple saddles so far so take this with a grain of salt. i did a basket stamped cantle back with a single border running across the top. I molded it to the cantle marked and trimmed for my cantle binding. After trimming i reinstalled and then marked where the binding is going to be. After that i took it back off. It still had enough moisture so i didnt have to recase. I marked i think 3/8ths in for my border. Tooled my border along the arc and then basket stamped all the way out to the end of the bottom. The jockeys covered the bottom. I think next time ill rough fit my jockeys and then make the border on the bottom as well.
  3. I was just wondering if any one had a pattern they wouldnt mind sharing. Tips tricks and advice would also be appreciated. Im looking into making my 4th saddle a seat rig and not sure where to start on it
  4. For lining billets, back cinch and breast collar would latigo or oil tan be better? Seems lighter weight oil tan is more readily available.
  5. rk taylor thanks for the info. ive looked way back through yours and others journeys building saddles. I'm going to tackle my first one this year i hope to be able to craft as well as you guys. I'm sure ill have a pile more questions
  6. just got my book yesterday so i should be able to do it
  7. any one have a pattern for a draw down strap? or at least dimensions? i could buy one but figured i might as well make one.
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