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  1. You were right, the knife is dull and it can cut only thin thread. I talked with Mike and he helped me how to change the back tacking speed. The stuff there is really nice and helpful. Thank you for the advice Glenn!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure it out what the sewing equipment for Adler 291 refers to, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything helpful.. If anyone knows what all this refers to, their help will be much appreciated. Here is a picture from Adler 291 manual containing the sewing equipment info. Thank you in advance, Gia
  3. Beautiful machine, thanks for all the info. 'Mine' has quiet DC motor, same as my Adler 269, (pic bellow) with functions: pressure foot lift, thread cutting, needle positioner. The price of the machine is 800 euros, and it is still available but my only problem is if the simple roller foot can transport many layers of leather.
  4. Thanks for reply! How thick is the leather you use, and you tried to sew with 270 thread? My projects will include 6mm leather thickness and I'd like to know if I can achieve that with this machine. And btw, what's the subclass of your machine?
  5. Ok.. Probably I won't buy this machine because I'm not sure if the simple roller foot will be enough for medium to heavy leather. However, the machine it's simply beautiful, in perfect condition, with all the functions working
  6. Hello everyone, I have a great deal for an Adler 268 FA-3S which looks flawless, comes with Efka servo, pneumatic foot lift and automatic thread cutting. It’s a wonderfull piece, except that it doesn’t have a driven roller foot, it’s a simple one. I would like to have triple transport but driven roller would work just fine. By reading its brochure, I saw that the driven roller foot was optional. So I’m thinking about replacing it but I’m not sure if its mechanism allows me to do that. I somebody here has this machine, I kindly ask them to help me find out if the replacement of the roller foot with a driven one is possible, or it was just a factory option. Thank you in advance! Gia
  7. Thank you, Glenn! I know that the knife should be adjusted somehow, I'm just trying to figure it out how..
  8. Hello everyone, I just got an Adler 291 with Efka variocontrol V720 which is quite surprising for its age. It has all its standard functions and everything works great, except for the bottom thread cutter. When I finish sewing, it cuts only the upper thread... Does anybody know how to fix the bottom thread cutter? Also, could I switch its functions from the controller to these four buttons on the front of the machine? It works great with the pedal but it seems that the four buttons were deactivated. Only one of them is working, and it does only one stitch. Here's a picture with the machine: Thank you in advance, Gia
  9. Because the tension unit has a cheap feeling and the pre-tension disc has no spring, which makes it difficult to put the thread behind it.
  10. Thank you so much for all your answers! The tension system is obviously not as complex and good as the original one, but however, after adjusting the tension again and changing the needle with a new one, I am able to get a perfect stitch on leather. I suspect that the problem was the strong adhesive on industrial Velcro, which remains stuck on the needle and it pulls the thread. I am thinking to call a mechanic to see if I need to change any parts. All the best, Gia
  11. No, it wasn't off when the problems occurred. There is no noise, I can easily turn the wheel by hand. The only thing I did different from before it was to sew Velcro on leather - with 140 needle for leather and 20/3 thread.
  12. I don't hear any snaps when I thread the pre-tension disc, and it doesn't go more deeper than you can see in the picture. The only snap I can hear is from the tension discs with the springs.
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