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  1. Bcmac

    Newb in BC

    Thanks Regan. Right now we’re trying to sort through everything and figure out what’s what, what’s usable and what we might need to replace. And of course some simple dabbling while we wait on a few other things to arrive. I realized I asked about the groover but didn’t show it. At least I think that’s what this thing is. I know not the best place for this so I’ll find an appropriate place to ask the question.
  2. Bcmac

    Newb in BC

    Thanks! That was a mystery indeed. A few random things like that showing up.
  3. Bcmac

    Newb in BC

    Hey all! My son and I were very fortunate to have been, are being gifted a big setup (stuff is coming in waves as it gets sorted and cleaned up) from an elderly friend whose fingers aren’t as nimble as they once were. So far we have the easy to find in his basement larger items like an embossing matching, splitter, stripper and such and some smaller stuff like a box of punches, awls, and a few things I have yet to indenting. More stuff will continue to trickle in over the next few weeks. My son (3 1/2) is really into stripping lace and stamping at the moment. Tomorrow we’re going to start trying some braiding. We will be checking in with questions and looking for easy and kid friendly project ideas. My first question - one of the items in the misc tool box is a very old and very dull groover. Are the groover blades sharpenable? Or should we just purchase a new one? I can’t seem to find any replacement blades of this shape and vintage. Here’s a few pics of random stuff and our setup. And the kid stamping
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