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  1. @Handstitched, @Hildebrand, @Kcstott Thank you very much guys for your concerns and tips on how to rub the marks off! And also on being extra carefull while adjusting the screw. I'll be carefull with the moisture and if I find any other way to avoid or get less marking on the leather I will let you know! For now I don't have the machine yet.
  2. Thank you everyone for your answers. The manufacturer told me the same thing about the screw. I wanted to be reassured before buying. I will work on the adjustment of that screw when I get the machine. About the many posts, I only searched "CB3200" and "Rub out sewing marks" in the forum and only looked at the first page of results. I'll keep digging. Thank you for your answers, it was much appreciated!
  3. Dear everyone, I'm about to buy a CB3200 from SIECK in Europe and before doing so I sent them samples of leather and thread and they did the sewing to show me how it does. I just received the samples back, but every stitched lines shows a lot of very visible marks. - What do you think about it? - Is it normal? - Is it not? - Can it be fixed? - Should I go for another machine? Thank you very much for any advice you could provide. Cheers, P.A
  4. Dear everyone, I'm looking to buy the undercut beveler set from craftool pro, the B2060, B2061, B2062. They are not producing it anymore for some reason so I'm looking here. Thank you very much for any help you could provide.
  5. Thanks a lot dikman that's what I needed to hear! 1/2" max is perfect for me. And if it can sew wihth #92 and #346 it's perfect too. As for the leather thickness, since the minimum I"ll probably have to sew will be around 7/64" - 1/8" it shouldn't be that hard. And if it is I'll dumb down the machine like Wizcrafts recommended. The SIECK company, instead of answering the many questions I had proposed that I send over material and thread and they'll do the test, so it's perfect this way too. For the very light material I have a Juki ddl 8700 available. It's not ideal as it's kinda super fast but I already tested it for 3/32" and it worked so I'll go for the heavier machine. And thanks for the efka tip, that's what I was thinking considering all youtube slow videos are done only with servo+reducer but they didn't answered that. Thanks again for your answers it was a big help! Best, P.A
  6. Thank you Wizcrafts for your help, I'll use all those infos to check with SIECK the best model they have for me. Have a nice day!
  7. Thank you guys for your insights! Thought it lead to more questions ahah. @dikman You're saying CB3200 and whatever machine with 441 in its name are different machine and SIECK assured me their SIECK Type 441 SLOW K is the same machine as the CB3200. So who's wrong? :x @Wizcrafts I found a datasheet and video of a Cowboy CB4500 saying its needle range was #18-27 and thread range #69-415. And in your opinion of someone using such a machine you say the only way to achieve those range is to dumb down your machine from triple feed to double feed right? Meaning they are overselling the capacity of the CB4500 in the datasheet ~~ - SIECK told me to have the stitch-to-stich option they would need to replace the servomotor+reducer with an efka motor. In your opinion is it a must-have or is the servomotor+reducer already going slow-enough to almost to stich-by-stich ? I will ask a last question summing up this topic: To sew vegetable tan leather from 3mm up to 10mm with a #92-138 thread up to #346 thread (needle range #19-27), do you think a Cowboy CB3200 (or a clone from SIECK) is what I need, or do you think of another machine (not more expensive, 2000€/$ is pretty much the max of my budget)? Thank you guys for your time and help! p;s: I joined the datasheet and one picture of SIECK's proposal. Although I'm not sure the datasheet is correct because it mentions an arm length of 420mm when they told me their model would have a 270mm arm... 441.pdf
  8. Thank you very much for your reply Sir. And all of the informations you shared. My problem is I already contacted Siecke, with my 2mm up to 10mm specifications and they suggested me the SIECK 441 K (They said it was the CB3200). But from this forum I read it might be for "beefy wallets". So it seems I ended in a loop, one suggesting to see with the other ahah. Can a CB3200 sew with #92? Does it need to be dumbed down for #69 or also for #92? Will it handle the 2mm/5oz leather without a problem? I'm only using veg-tan, no chrome. But I will contact them again with your infos and ask if they have a ighter model than the CB3200 then can upgrade for thicker leather maybe.
  9. Dear everyone at leatherworker.net, Thank you first for the guidance I found in the many articles of this forum and for the many to come. I'm from France, therefore have a hard time with inches, ounces (oz), thread and needle sizes ~~ but I manage the conversions so don't mind answering in the system you're using. After a lot of reading I can't still make a decision so I would like to ask your help chosing a sewing machine model. I'm doing mostly tooling/engraving, but am sometimes facing time-consuming stitches. I would like to buy a sewing machine, but as I didn't really narrow my activity it's hard to chose. So let me list a few things that might help chose a machine: - Condition of the machine: I have no problem with used machines as I'm not going to use it everyday or on every articles i'm making - Range of leather thickness: from 2mm/5oz (2 layers of 1mm/2-3oz) for wallets up to 10mm/ 25/64" (3 layers of 3.2mm/8oz) for armors. I'm not doing sheath, sadles or stuff requiring a 4+layers of 10oz leather. Most of the time I'll only sew 2 layers of 8oz/3.2mm max. - Range of thread&needles: Again the european system compared to US one is a nightmare to figure, but I assume a #92 thread for wallets up to #277 for armors. And hopefully no need to "dumbed down" the machine like I have read. - Able to see slowly, armors can have very weird designs sometimes so if I can almost go a stitch at a time it would be perfect. After reading a lot of articles in this section I've contacted 2 heavy-duty sewing machine manufaturer and they offered me with 2 different machines: - SIECK 441 K (which is a Cowboy CB3200 from what they told me) - Durkopp-Adler 169 (I didn't found a lot of informations or videos about it and it's more expensive than the cb3200). I was pratically sold on the CB3200, because in addition to its caracteristics I know I an have a lot of help from the different topics of this forum and there are tones of youtube videos. But in some topics here it was mentionned it wouldnt fit the wallet kind of goods (2+mm/5+oz leather thickness with #92 thread), and it might be a little overkill considering I'm not going to end up stitching 12mm / 15/32" thick leather. So I wanted your advice: Do you have a cheaper machine than the CB3200 to recommend that would suit my needs? And if you've got an used/cheaper machine somewhere in Europe that could fit I'd be happy to pay for the delivery. Thank you very much for your help! P.A
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