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  1. Well, I'd be interested but I need a woking machine, not a machineI need to work on.
  2. Im interested, not sure how shipping would happen. do you have any insight on that? This is a large package so its not like dropping off a small box at the postal office.
  3. I am highly interested, unfortunately I am in central Florida. I see how crating it would be very expensive, enough to the point in which I would probably do better with a new purchase. I'll look into shipping options, but I don't expect it to be releastic.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't receive a notification that you replied. Are you still selling this machine?
  5. Looks like what I am looking for, let me know if you'd consider shipping.
  6. Hi Jeannie, I am interested in it. Can you tell me some of the specifics? thread and needle size range, leather feed type? hopefully walking foot. Reverese stitch, servo motor?Guide roller? Please write back soon, I am very interested. I am in Florida, so I would pick up in person if thats cool with you.
  7. Are they in working order? I need a cylinder bed machine so I am very interested.
  8. Why would someone want a manual sewing machine, outside of using at venues that have no electricity, or maybe your a member of the Amish community. Besides those two reasons why would someone want one? referring to the tippman, cowboy outlaw and the Weaver Manual sewing machine.
  9. @Luanne1958, I’m looking to buy a machine. What you asking for it?
  10. I am interested in ythe sewing machine and the embosser. How much? It’s hard for me to make an offer on the leather without seeing it in person.
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