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  1. Ok, got the photo resizing sorted out now. One more question Jimi, when your machine is at the needle up position (TDC make sense? I'm a car guy) do you see the large hole in the pulley centered above the rear bearing like in the photo below?
  2. Thank you Jimi, those photos tells me exactly what I need know
  3. Thanks Bert for the feedback. That makes sense. I had seen a copy of a '58 manual and the photo showed shaft mounted so I thought someone had moved mine. She's a beaut. Thanks Wizcrafts, I'll read up and educate myself
  4. Hello Everyone, I'll have to figure out how to shrink my photos so I can post them, but this is the gist of the issue I bought my 29K a few years ago and she'd been rather neglected and needed some care so I cleaned her up and rebuilt the head with 29K71 parts and made a table for her. Someone moved the hand crank wheel from the end of the shaft to the front of the machine. The rear bearing in the arm was worn and the pulley was chipped and fraying my belts so I pulled it off and replaced it with a Simanco pulley once I tracked one down about 6 months ago. I noticed that the pulley alignment pin and bolt stay were missing but I couldn't find the pin hole in the shaft. I guess it was hammered in and sheared off at some point. She kept pretty good time up to that point so I installed the new pulley in the same clocking and added a grub screw. She's been fine until last weekend when I was working on some heavy denim jeans seams and the pulley spun. I think I can trial and error to find the correct indexing again and drill the main shaft to install a pin like I should have done when I noticed it. It would would be much appreciated if someone were kind enough to post a couple photos of the shaft and pulley indexing at top end and bottom end of the arm in relation to the bobbin and the foot positioning so I can be sure I've got it right otherwise I'll need to replace the shaft and that's a hassle. Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you both. I have a 29K58 and yes thank you I have a manual for it. Someone was kind enough to post a manual here and I pulled down a copy of it. In following of the rules ill post a separate thread for the issues I'm having.
  6. Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you all. The contributions from this site have been helpful when I've been researching through a problem, an interest, or looking for inspiration so I thought I'd join. I started hand stitching in my late teens. None of it very good but an enjoyable hobby that taught me patience and developed a love for the durability and comfort of leather. Made various things that I didn't find satisfactory with off the shelf products. Jacket, boots, belts, hat. Some hand stitched, some by machine. I've been in the UK for about 10 years but Arizona is home. Another year or so before I'll head back but decided some years ago to collect a half dozen different Clydebank Singers /vintage machines while I was here. I've got a few issues with the 29K at the moment, and hoping you guys can help me sort it out. Thanks
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