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  1. SanLargo

    Adler 30-1 help

    To you Wizcrafts I thank you. I changed out bobbin with different shuttle and am stitching much better. Could not see the difference in tension springs to the naked eye but got me a good stitch. I know you have an Adler and was wondering where best place to find replacement springs for small Adler 30-1 model bobbins.
  2. SanLargo

    Adler 30-1 help

    Thanks Wizcrafts. Dumb question, but the loose lope is my top thread right. I’ll check later but it seems that when I look at bobbin thread it appears still be in correct position with thread Still coming thru small hole in shuttle. I was think perhaps spring not tight enough or worn out.
  3. SanLargo

    Adler 30-1 help

    Thanks to all who have replied. I have dug deeper into the forms and gathered great info. I understand the limitations of my Adler now and am currently sewing with #69 thread and my eventually max at 138. As I said I am all new to machine sewing. My machine seems to work fine although I am experiencing som stitching issues and hope some can help. I have attached a photo of what it is doing. Is a bobbin tension issue or something else. Any help appreciated. SanLargo
  4. SanLargo

    Adler 30-1 help

    Hello everyone, I am new to forums and not sure if I am in the right spot. I obtained an Adler 30-1 sewing machine and am seeking help. Up to this point I have done all hand stitching with an awl and mostly enjoy making holsters and sheaths. My hope is to get this machine to save me some time and effort.The machine appears to work with some issue. Also am concerned about its limitations. I am sewing leather in the 6 oz. range and some maybe 7-8. About 3/16 thick. I have read some of your info about thread and needle sizes and to come close to the cord size of a stitching awl I would probably need to use #277 thread with a 25 needle. My concern is that this machine uses a small bobbin that has a small hole that I am not sure if this thread would be too large for. I have started working with #69 thread and 17 needle but was new to understanding thread sizes. So, I was hoping for someone that knows my machine would be able to provide info on the capability of this machine to obtain the task and look I am trying to obtain. Any help is greatly appreciated. Again I am new to posting on forms. Thanks, SanLargo