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  1. Norma, Stewart B. Swaggerty was born in 1874 and died in 1937. I found a little info on him via the internet. His business is listed in the General Rating Book: Ratings on Tanners, Leather Manufacturers 1924. Additional info shows he was a saddle & harness manufacturer living at 1200 Greenfield Avenue, Nashville. He was 63 years old and married when he died of high blood pressure and myocarditis on April 24, 1937 at Nashville's Protestant Hospital. Both he and his son (KIA WWII I believe) are burried at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Nashville. The remainder of his family lives in Knoxville (descendants of his 8 brothers and sisters). I too have an exceptional example of an English saddle made by him. It's at least 83 years old, probably more. I purchased it from an estate sale in Nashville. It retains both stirrups and all six lashings hanging down. When I press into the cushion, there is a slight crinkling sound (horse hair vice wool perhaps). I can look into the sides and see the same type of stitching as your photos show. I'll take some photos and upload soon. Thanks for your post! Matt
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