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    Leather craft - small items to make as gifts or sell at craft market.

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  1. @kiwican thanks, I'm in Onehunga
  2. @zuludog thanks, will have a look on YouTube. Going to try out the leather mat I made for punching, otherwise magazine is good idea.
  3. Yes, it keeps my earphones tidy and easy to find. Thank you, I couldn't resist buying a paws stamp. I used saddle stitch and replaced almost all the stitching. Yes, a lot of stitches, good practice! I used a stitching pony which my husband made for me. Thank you Toxo
  4. Landfield

    Newb in BC

    Hello to you lucky folks living in beautiful BC!
  5. Hi there and welcome! I'm also new to leather craft and started this new hobby during lockdown in NZ.
  6. Hi there! I have been interested in leathercraft for some time now but what really got me started was when the country went into lockdown. That was my opportunity to start a new craft and I wasted no time ordering leather and some of the basic tools. I have made some little items which I have hand sewn - have attached first item I made. I also restored a broken old leather messenger bag, having to replace all the stitching since it was rotten. I just made my own punching board out of some scrap leather. Not sure if it is thick enough (8mm) but I had to make a plan since the poly board I was using wasn't suitable and has damaged my awl. I have ordered some stitching chisels, so really looking forward to receiving them!
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